Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top Of Utah marathon anyone?

So this if my first posting on the blog. My name is Stephanie and I have been running for about 13 years. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and 3 kids. I have wanted to run a marathon for years but do to being pregnant, nursing, husband in med school and then residency it never worked, that is until this year. I ran the Salt Lake marathon in April and qualified for Boston. I am not sure if I am running it in 2009 but if not them I will try to requalify and run it in 2010. That is my plan anyway we will see what life has in store.
I am curious if any of you are running the Top Of Utah marathon in Logan, Ut next weekend. 3 of my girlfriends and I are running it. It will be marathon #1 for 2 of them and marahon #2 for me. If are running what is your pace? Goal? Is this your 1st?
It would be fun to meet and have a picture with some other mommies.


Juli said...

I'm running the Top of Utah next week. It's my first marathon. My friend Stephanie is running it as well. We live in New Mexico. We've been doing about 9 min pace. You'll have to warm up the finish line for me. I won't be qualifying for the Boston, but you go girl. You can do it. I'm so excited! I can do this, right? I feel ready. I hear it's quite a bit down hill. I can't decide if that's good or bad. I tried to get into the St. George, but didn't make the lottery, so I picked the Logan because it fit the same time frame.

Stephanie said...

Juli- You an totally do it!! I think downhill in this race will be good. From what I hear it is not steep, just gradual. The altitude is more of a concern as it was in my last marathon. I am excited also.

Ang said...

The downhill will be fine. I ran Pocatello two weeks ago and the course is very similar. The downhill was perfect! Good luck girls!! Can't wait to hear about it!

Robyn said...

I am running the TOU this weekend too. If you are looking for people to run with, you are welcome to call me Fri evening or Sat morning to hook it up. 995-1163. I am running with 2 friends and our pace is usually 9-10 min/mile.