Monday, September 08, 2008

What is "Project Baby Rhodesbud"? A Mommy-to-be needs our help!

Hi all you Marathon Mommies! It is Suzie Petunia (Sarah) here. Kelly and I are just thrilled with the growth of the blog! If you check out the earliest posts you'll see that it used to be just the two of us crazy running moms who were obsessed about running. Talking about running WHILE we were running just wasn't enough... we also felt the need to blog about it! :) Over the last couple of years we have added a total of 75 other "Marathon Mommy" contributors! There are still a few in my In-Box that I still need to add... I haven't forgotten about you, I promise! I've just been super busy with a very important project. This is a project that I'm sure a lot of you, no... ALL of you can understand, since you are all moms.

You can read all about the project on my personal blog. But here is gist of it. I have 4 sisters, and only one of them has not been able to have children. After trying for 7 years and enduring dozens of doctor's visits, special drugs, injections, Artificial Insemination, and recently a round of In Vitro Fertilization, they are still not pregnant. And they don't have another dime to spend on it. They have literally given everything they have to be able to have a baby, but it still hasn't happened.

The good news is that she IS a great candidate for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). There is a clinic near her that charges $20,000 for a possible 3 rounds of IVF. If none of them result in a pregnancy and a baby, they will refund the money! That money could then be used for the fees associated with adoption. With these kinds of odds for success, I couldn't NOT help her try to raise money so she can know the joy I have as a mother.

Our 5 other siblings, extended family and friends are all helping out. If you would also like to help with our effort, here are a few options:

1) Sell one thing on Craigs List or eBay. Donate the proceeds to the Baby Rhodesbud account on PayPal.

2) Buy a Marathon Mommy car decal for $8 and I will donate the full amount to the Baby Rhodesbud fund. (You can see an example on the sidebar.)

3) Buy an "I Spy toy" for $15 and I will donate the full amount to the Baby Rhodesbud fund.

4) Dedicate a special long-run to my sister this Saturday, September 13. Pray for her, and send fertile thoughts her way! You could also donate a dollar to the Baby Rhodesbud fund for each mile you run that day.

If you want to help, and one of these options works for you, just click on the "ChipIn" button above, or the "Baby Rhodesbud" logo button on the top-right of the blog. Both of these buttons will take potential donors to the PayPal account set up for Baby Rhodesbud. Put the money from your Craigs List sale, for the car decal, or for a toy directly into the PayPal account for Baby Rhodesbud, and please email me letting me know you would like a car decal or toy. Don't forget to email me your address if you want a decal or toy.

This fifth option doesn't cost you any money, and I would very much appreciate it!

5) Copy and paste the HTML code for the "ChipIn" widget and the "Baby Rhodesbud" logo into the sidebar of your personal blog so we can spread the word and raise the money as quickly as possible. I have been so amazed and grateful for the generosity we have already witnessed!

I feel I have been so blessed to be a mom, and there is nothing I want more than for my sister to have the same joys, the same trials, and the same growth I have felt because of motherhood. Through your blogs and stories I know that you feel the same about motherhood. I hope you will help us in our family's efforts to make this dream a reality for our sister and her husband.

Thank you!


Kelly(M&M) said...

You are awesome to do this for your sister. I am proud of you and your hard work. I will definitely add the widget to my blog. I will try to find something I can sell on Craigs' list. That is a great idea! I will definitely dedicate a long run also. I will also keep them in my prayers. You have a wonderful family.
Crazy that it has been almost 3 years since that first post. So fun! (Are you sick of me yet?!)

Chellae said...

Suzie--I had no idea this was your blog. One of my great friends is a marathon runner and is always after me to get into it, too, and that is where I found your blog link. I recognized the rhodesbud logo from somewhere and now I realize it's from my sweet sister-in-law's/your sister's (Amy) blog We're having baby #2 in about three weeks and hopefully I'll pick up my running where I left off in the Spring. (Do you post advise for how to keep up the running when it's a bitter cold New York winter outside?) My best to The Rhodes fam. I know our family is so glad your family is part of our lives and in many ways has shared in some of your sister's struggles.