Sunday, October 05, 2008

6 days and counting.

This next Saturday will be my attempt to do another marathon. Baltimore Baby! I am so excited. Last year I was so nervous but this year all I can think about are all the wonderful feelings I had last year when I finished
I am for sure under trained and over confident, living off of the euphoric finish from last year.

I bought these long knee high socks to wear over my arms in the morning and be able to toss as it gets warmer. Target has the most awesome knee, thigh high and leg warmer socks right now that are perfect for morning marathon running. They have funky stripes, polka dots and argyle.
I will cut a little hole out the bottom for my thumb so I can take lots of photos at the beginning.

tick tock tick tock, the countdown is on....

and a big shout out to my awesome sister in law who finished her second marathon this year, yesterday in the rain. Both her marathons qualified her for Boston and were only 10 & 15 months after her 4th child. Way to go Melissa!!!


Liz said...

Good luck! I am running in the Baltimore Half Marathon next Saturday and I am nervous! It's my first one. I'm sure you will pass me at some point, so I'll send happy fast strong running vibes your way! :)

everything pink said...

trust me i won't be passing you, i am just hoping i don't get picked up by the slow bus telling me to get off the course.

Everyday Gourmet said...

Do your best and try to stay positive. It is only a short time and you will feel awesome when you are done! We just got back from Baltimore and I saw the signs everywhere. I am so excited that you get to run it. It will be a beautiful place to run : )

Suzie Petunia said...

What a great idea to keep your arms warm! I am definitely getting some of those. And they're cute, too. :)

Good luck in your marathon!

WannaBe5Ker said...

SO exciting!!!! Great idea about the long leg warmer/sock thingies.

Best of luck in your marathon, that is amazing!