Monday, October 13, 2008

How Do You Know...

when your child is ready for the jogging stroller??? My husband's schedule has become more crazy and I'd love to just get out while he's at work. My son is almost seven months old, but when set into the stroller, he kind of slumps over.

If I decide to take him out anyway, what should he be wearing? Mornings are starting to be in the 50s or even 40s. How can I make sure he's warm?


Lisa said...

I think seven months is old enough. My daughter was in a jogger by 5 months. I just put one of those little kiddopotumus head snuzzers to keep her head from bobbling (
Does your jogger's seat recline?

Just dress your baby how you would dress sitting out in the weather. There is no need to over dress. If you think you'd need a blanket etc., then find him some sort of bunting. They make some made for carseats and strollers with room for the strap to go through his legs.


Sarai said...

I read somewhere that 6 months is when you can put your baby in the jogger. I have two babies and I have done that with both of them and they have seem to be ok with it. I bought a rain shield to protect them from the cold and it has worked wonders. It helps keep the warmth trapped in there. I dress them warm and throw a blanket on them and they don't even know how cold it is outside. That has been my trick to keep running after it gets cold. Do a search on the internet to find one. They are not very expensive, maybe $20 or something like that. Good Luck!

Gina said...

Seven months is perfect. Not old enough to scream the whole way, and young enough to learn to think that every baby spends several hours a week jogging. I made a stroller cover this year that has kept them extra warm but I think I will spend the money and just buy one for next year. The cover really extends the jogging season. Currently I call it quits at 40 degrees but I think with the cover I could get away with 30 degrees and they would still be comfortable. I put my baby (currently 9 mo. but jogging since 5mo.) in a carseat bunting and strap him in with a small rice bag on his lap. He's a baldy so he gets a jacket with a hat too. My daughter just holds her rice bag and I cover her legs with a blanket. What I did when I started was to just dress them warm and take them out...if their hands are cold when you come home add a little more next time. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't go well the first few times. I have been jogging with my daughter for almost 3 years now and she gets upset the mornings we cross-train instead of jogging.

emily said...

can you lower the stroller at all so he doesn't slump? or place rolled-up receiving blankets all around him to 1. keep him propped up and 2. keep him warm.

40s are totally fine to take him in. just dress him warm with a hat and maybe even shoes - even though he's not walking it'll help keep his feet warm.

have fun running with him sis! some of my fondest memories with miles are running with him - just me and him. it's priceless. seriously.

Meg said...

I stared my daughter in a jogger at 3.5 months. I can lay mine back though so it helps. IT is in the 40-50s here as well so I put her in pant, jacket, hat, socks shoes and wrap a blanket around her. It seems to be working for us. Good luck!

merathon said...

ditto to the rain shield comment. that way, if it's sunny, the sun can shine in and help to keep them warmer but the warm air is trapped in there instead of the wind getting to them. i think i usually start mine in the jogger around 5 months, but if the seat reclines, it could be earlier. for now, i have to stick to walking when i have the baby with me cuz only our regular stroller reclines all the way for her (not quite 3 months yet).

everything pink said...

i put my daughter in at 6 weeks. lots of blankets and a rain guard cover to keep the windout!

a stroller the reclines makes a big difference.

I had many miles of screaming but now she is almost 4 and seems to be no more worse for the wear and she has a marathon mommy because of it.

kids are more resiliant than we think!