Saturday, November 15, 2008

Native Sun Mandarin 10K, Jacksonville, FL

This morning Jen, aka my running partner, and I ran a 10K race. I had oh so foolishly not looked at the weather forcast at all. Got there 40 minutes before the start, and got an excellent parking spot about 300 yards from the starting line. Hit up the port a potties and got our timing chips. Then it started pooring. I mean, we were drenched. My feet were so wet that Jen just kept laughing because with each stride you could hear all the water sloshing around in my shoes. It was funny, but are you going to do? At least it wasn't 85 degrees and 100% humidity like yesterday. Our official time:
248 198 39 Jennifer Ross, 26, Jacksonville, FL 1:06:06 10:38 1:06:34
249 199 40 Keri Roberts, 27, Jacksonville, FL 1:06:06 10:38 1:06:34

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deeps said...

hope you didnt catch cold!