Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Earn Your Turkey Race 2008

This year I ran the Earn Your Turkey Race with my brother and sister. (Same ones that I ran the Pocatello Marathon with). The only problem was that I had only run once since the marathon on Aug. 31st. I was a little nervous I would not be able to conquer the 4 mile race on Thanksgiving. Sad right. I did finish though and I didn't even walk. It was however a really good wake up call to get back in shape. (I have run almost everyday since!) The really great thing about this race was that they had kid races too! My 5 year old ran the 800 meters and was smiling the whole time! My 3 year old ran the 400 meter race and utilized the run/walk method. I love that they love to race too. My two nephews and my niece also ran the kid races. (These nephews and niece belong to TeamHanni who also belongs to this blog. We are sisters in law.)We had a great day. Here are lots of pics.

My sister and me.


Suzie Petunia said...

What great pics! I LOVE Thanksgiving Day races with the family!

Frannie said...

I loev the pictures, it's cute seeing the kids lined up with race bibs on! I can't wait until my kids can do these types of things with me. I think it's a great example you set for your children.

Jamie said...

Yay for Turkey Trots and for families participating together!