Sunday, February 08, 2009


We have a great friend who came up with this fantastic quote while going through some tough times. Since then my husband and I have used this regularly. We now find it comical when we are trying to accomplish something that we would rather not be doing and this phrase comes out of our mouths. I know these words will be going through my head over and over again at about 5:10am tomorrow morning as my alarm goes off. It is my long run day.

I hate this.
I am committed to it.
. . .

I hate this.
I am committed to it.
This is AWESOME!


Jodi said...


I needed that this morning!!!!

Stop by and enter my GIVE AWAY!!!!! Chocolate is involved!

Run Mommy said...

I need some too!

Run Mommy said...
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Frannie said...

I used this the other day! Thank you!