Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calling all SLC runners

To anyone who is in Salt Lake:

My sister in law, Amy, has just started running seriously over the past month or two. She is training for the Bear Lake 1/2 marathon which is in June. We'll be running it together. She's looking for a running partner in her area. She lives just off 215 near I-80 on the East side. If any of you might be near her, please let me know b/c she'd like to hook up with another motivated mommy and enjoy running a little more- so far she's been limited to the treadmill and she's losing it (as most of us do by the end of winter). Her long runs are currently about 6 miles but she'll be up to 9 in a few weeks. Thanks!



Sarai said...

Hi! I would love to have a running partner, other than my dog. I'm not sure we live close enough though. I live near I-15 where it crosses with I-80. I have thought of maybe starting a group where we can at least get together on the weekends for a long run or something. Well, here's my email. Have her write me if she would be interested:

Otherwise good luck finding a running partner!

Amy said...

Hey! I live in that area, too. Have her email me: