Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sub Two Hour Provo Half Report

Yesterday I ran the Provo City Half as a training run for the Salt Lake Half in two weeks. I had been vascillating about whether or not to run it and finally decided that I was scheduled to run 11 miles that day anyways, so I might as well wake up early and get it over with.

I ran the Salt Lake Half in 2007 pre-pregnancy in around 2:10. I didn't follow a training schedule and just sort of ran. This time, I took a few Marathon Mommies' advice and used the Runner's World schedule that you can adapt to your own goals. I didn't run the schedule perfectly and barely cross-trained or did the speed work I was supposed to, but I did rest a lot and made my long runs count.

Anyways, about the race...A lot of you suggested that I just take it easy on this run and I intended to do that. I didn't sleep well the night before and was really tired as I made my way to the start of the race. Being surrounded by people, however, woke me up, and when the gun went off, I was ready to go. The first 6 miles, I took it easy like I had planned, but then my competitive side kicked in and I started to kick it up a notch. (I will also note, that the last few months I've been training on a treadmill, and I've trained so that I gradually get faster as I run.) My ability to do this in the race, was probably also a bi-product of my training. I hydrated and fueled more before and during this race, and I believe that helped me as well.

Anyways, to make a long story short, around mile 8 I realized that I could meet my goal for Salt Lake if I kept the same pace up, so I did that. I haven't gotten my official time back, but my unofficial time was 1:54. I was really proud that I met my goal to run a sub 2 hour half, but now I'm nervous that I over did it and I'll do bad at Salt Lake. I made a shirt for that race, and am running it in memory of my Grandfather, and I just don't want to screw things up.

My body is sore right now, but isn't everyone's body sore after they run 13.1 miles? I didn't think I went crazy, but to be honest, I don't really know what "race pace" means. If it means to run at an uncomfortable pace the whole race, I didn't do that.

I guess my question for you all is this: How do you think I can repent the next two weeks for running that race a little too fast? I guess I haven't run enough longer races to know if I even need to repent. I was planning on starting to cross train on Tuesday and then running 6 miles on Wednesday, cross training Thursday and Friday, and running 11 miles on Saturday. The next week, which is my race week, I was going to run 3 miles on Monday, 5 on Wednesday, and then cross train on all the other days.

I also plan on getting more sleep the week of the race and starting Salt Lake at a quicker pace.

Anyways, any advice on getting myself ready for this next race would be appreciated. I'm also the world's worst stretcher and could use advice on getting my muscles back to normal. Thanks!


Robyn said...

Great job! That's fantastic that you beat your previous time. I was looking out at all the SNOW that day wondering how the race was going. You didn't even mention the weather!

Landy said...

Hey Robyn, thanks for the support. I'd like to say that the snow was horrible and I'm really tough, but it wasn't snowing that bad.:) I was concerned about the weather too though, but it turned out to be pretty nice.

Stephanie said...

Great Job on your time! I ran Salt Lake last year, warning it is very hilly. I have run 3 marathons all within 5 months of each other and I think that 11 miles a week beofre the race is too much. You need more of a taper than your body will have. That is just my opinion but most training programs have you doing about 5 or 6. Good Luck!!

Cal said...

Great job on the half!!! You had a great time and maybe it's just a warm up for Salt Lake! I'm running the Salt Lake Marathon and am in the taper phase right kindof feel like you should be doing more than you are...but I think that just taking it easy with running and crosstraining for the next two weeks will have you ready for the half!

Landy said...

Stephanie and Cal: thanks for the advice. Maybe I'll rethink the 11 mile thing this week. I ran Salt Lake in '07 and have had a hard time remembering how hilly it was. Everyone keeps saying it's a hard course, but I honestly couldn't remember going up hill, just down. Thanks for the reminder. That's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for.

Sarai said...

Hi Landy!

Congratulations on your half! I am running the SLC Half as well. This will be my first half ever, and I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I think I am at a very similar with you, except you have run 2 halves before. But I don't really know about pace, and stretching and stragedy and stuff. So just know that you are not alone, and just go out there and do your best. I think I have learned, and still am, learning to listen to my body and know my limits, I think we all have that little voice from within ourselves. Good luck! I might see you there and not even know it, but I will be smiling at everyone wondering if you too are a Marathon Mommy.

Ang said...

Hey landy

I am running the SLC Half too! Last year I ran the full and this year decided to downsize. :) I'm really excited about it. I'll have to memorize your picture and maybe I'll see you there!

Great job last weekend!

Landy said...

Sarai and Ang...Good luck at Salt Lake! I'll be wearing a white shirt with a picture of me and my Grandpa on it, so stop and say "hi" if you see me.;) I had a really good experience running that course in '07...I loved the crowd...and I hope you enjoy it as well!!!! I hope you both post race reports!