Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ogden marathon race report

I did it! I finished! That's about all I can claim for my first marathon, since I didn't reach my time goals, but now I know how much of an accomplishment finishing a marathon is. Time goals be danged!
Sorry to not write my full race report here, but I was lucky enough to have it published in our local paper and for copyright reasons, I can only link to it.
I Just Want a Dang Creamy, my first marathon report.


Lisa said...

Bummer! I would have to pay to read it. I am glad you finished your first marathon. I hope it was a good experience for you.

Kelly(M&M) said...


I will admit I have been stalking your blog waiting for a report. A first marathon is a learning experience that's for sure! I think 4:12 is a fantastic time (my first was 5:11), but I know you wanted it to be faster. I am sure you have a BQ in you, so don't give up yet!! I will enjoy reading more reports from you and hopefully I will somehow be able to read your actual newspaper article. You are a fantastic writer and I love your blog- both of them. Congrats on your accomplishment. You did it!