Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dr report.... and questions

Hi All.
well.. I got my test results back from the Dr office today. Good news.. all my tests (heart monitor, ekg, and blood work) are all normal!
Now.. I am left with assuming my low blood pressure is a result of something I am not getting enough of in my diet. I have increased my salt intake and when I go for a run instead of water I drink a triple dose of Gatorade (I put three scoops of powder to one 20 oz bottle of water).... so far that seems to be helping a LOT... but I wanted to ask..

anyone else out there have issues with low blood pressure? I have read on some running sites about people passing out when finishing a run because of low pressure.. and frankly this scares me....

I would love your thoughts, suggestions, and maybe websites I could ponder to find a solution..

I will go to visit with the Dr tomorrow.. will be asking to be refered to a nutritionist... preferably a sports nutritionist..... (is there such a thing?)....

I also will be running my half marathon on Friday. yikes... what to eat.. how much... will i make it... will i pass out at the end?


HEATHER said...

I have incredibly low blood pressure, but I've never connected that as having an affect on my running? hmmm something I'll have to think about!

Ruthie said...

running actually makes me feel better.... the problem can be .. from what I read... that when you stop running you can pass out... because you have blood going to your muscles while your run... so the legs are actually doing all the pumping of teh blood back to the heart.. when you stop suddenly... your legs (which are your pump) actually stops.. causing less blood flow and passing out. of course most recover rapidly.. but it still scared me.

I will try and find the running site I read that on and get the link here.

I think my issue is more nutritional.. but trying to figure it all out can be a bit frustrating... wonder why I cant just eat like normal people.. ya know :)

runnerinsight said...

Having a low blood pressure means every possible reason and it is only natural that you would connect it to your running. But I am aware of the fact that running indeed makes someone feel better and conditioned. But it is still possible though. Just stay positive! Keep the fire burning! ; )

CarrieAnn said...

My husband (who runs a ton of marathons) has neurocardiogenicpsyncopie (not sure I spelled that right).

It is basically that his blood pressure drops unexpectedly and he faints when he stands up from sitting, or when he stops running suddenly. It is worse when he is dehydrated as his electrolyte levels get too low.

He uses a electrolyte replacement drink by Powerbar that has triple the sodium, gels with extra sodium and salt pills during his races. He also takes potassium supplements the few days before the marathon and tries to stay really hydrated the day or two before the race even starts. After the race, he doesn't just stop running as he crosses the finish line-he walks a little bit afterwards to help his blood pressure not drop so quickly. These things have helped him reduce his fainting spells after races.

If you are curious if you have the same type of condition, you should ask your doctor about getting tested for it.