Monday, June 01, 2009

For the love

OK, so I have to admit something. I don't LOVE to run.

I read posts here or articles in Runners World or hear running reports from friends where clearly there is love. My sister describes running with words I would use to describe a Caribbean vacation. Or a nap. Not a run. What am I missing? Can I find the love, or is it something that would need to already exist in me? I LIKE to run. I don't dread doing it. It's just my motivation to run has more to do with an upcoming race (I LOVE races) or because I know my calves will look awesome when I wear heels, not because it's a peaceful, zen, one-with-my-inner-self kind of experience.

I kind of wish it were.


kate said...

i am SO with you on this! i don't run because i like it. i run because i love how i feel when i'm DONE. i love the sense of accomplishment. and i LOVE races. therefore, i have to have a race i'm training for, otherwise, i won't run. so, i totally hear you! said...

Kate, what you said is really true. We run because we love the fulfillment everytime we finish every mile. Such a wonderful feeling to me ever since!

Amateur Steph said...

I only have small moments of love, which the more I cumulate, make me feel like I love running.
Most of those "loving moments" come when I'm done with a workout (like Kate said) and after accomplishing a race.

erinmalia said...

i always say that running is my least hated form of exercise. i was never good at sports and so took up running because it was so "portable." now i run to eat. i love to eat and if i didn't run, i'd probably weigh double what i do now!

i do agree with kate though. i love feeling like i can run. i love knowing i am fit enough to do whatever i want. and i love races.

HEATHER said...

I have a Love/Hate relationship with running. A lot of times I hate it while I'm running, but I ALWAYS love the feeling I have when I'm finished! It's an addicting cycle :)

Mrs JP Chaos said... I love Rebecca. :)

Running is hard for me. HARD. I'm not a natural runner and it is hard work every step of the way. But because it is so hard for me, I pull from my other strengths to help me out. I think that is why I (in the end) love running. It proves (to myself) that I can accomplish things that I thought were impossible.

I think you love running in your own way. That's all that matters.

RunMom said...

Aww...I think everybody's different. Everybody runs for different reasons and the reasons quite frankly don't matter as long as you do it. Mine are ever changing, currently it's b/c I'm trying to shed these post pregnancy baby pounds prior to having to put on a swimsuit!

As a side note I've been following you marathon mommies for awhile now unofficially and tonight I handed out an award to you all for being the inspiration to mommies everywhere that you are. It's over on my blog, you can view it here: Secrets of A Running Mom said...

I kinda wish it were too!
running for me is hard! i guess if it weren't... i wouldn't feel such a sense of accomplishment when i was done. THAT is what i LOVE about running... the feeling of-wow! i just did something Great!

Robin said...

I could have written that myself. I feel the same way. I like it, don't mind going out, but really if I didn't have a race to train for I could probably see myself stopping! I love the racing, the sense of accomplishment and everything that goes with that part of it! I hear you too!