Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rough Outline For A Birth Plan

Rough Outline For A Birth Plan


  • birth participants
  • mobility/positions
  • comfort measures (tub/shower, birth ball, music etc.)
  • hydration and nutrition
  • saline lock/IV
  • fetal monitoring (continuous, intermittent, telemetry; external/internal)
  • medication 
  • augmentation 
  • 15 minutes of privacy for decision making
  • other items important to mom/dad (low lights, quiet, limited vaginal exams, student observers etc.)

  • positions
  • perineal support, massage, warm compresses/ episiotomy
  • placement of baby
  • cord cutting (after pulsing ?)
  • placenta

In the event of a Cesarean birth:
  • how many participants?
  • pre-op, post-op meds condusive to breastfeeding?
  • arm unstrapped?
  • pictures?
  • breastfeeding asap?

  • timing of newborn care  (bathing, weighing, infant exam, vitamin K, hepB, heel stick, fingerprinting, hearing screening etc.) 
  • breastfeeding, artificial nipples or formula supplements
  • separation from infant 
  • circumcision
  • anything else?

*Birth plans are a great way to prioritize your goals for your birth and to communicate those goals with your health care provider.  Talking over your birth plan with your birth attendant ahead of time allows you to build confidence and trust in your birth team and demonstrates that you want to be an active participant in your labor and birth. Copies of your finalized birth plan should go to your midwife or doctor, and your doula.  It is also a good idea to bring a copy with you to your birth center or hospital to share with the staff.  

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