Thursday, July 09, 2009

Days of 47 10K

I'm planning on running the Days of 47 10K. Is anyone else doing that? If anyone other Marathon Mommies are doing this race I would love to meet any of you at the starting line. I'm always there by myself and I had so much fun meeting so many of you during the Wasatch Back Relay and realized that there's so many of us in the area that I thought maybe it would be fun to meet some more of you and hang out at the starting line. I promise I'm not THAT weird, you can ask any of the Wasatch Back Team members. Who is in?

*I'm also planing on doing the Top of Utah Half in September. Anyone else?


Christy said...

sounds fun. Sorry I won't be here!

Tall Girl Running said...

I'll vouch for Sarai! We shared a van for 30 hours straight and we still talk to each other. :-P There's not a kinder soul that exists and oh... she's an awesome runner too.

I'm planning on doing the TOU full in September, but I think the half is on a different day. No idea why they do that.

Good luck with your 10K!

Kristyn said...

I am doing the TOU Half, but it is in August. Double check that on your calendar.

Sarai said...

You are right! It is in August. I was going with the full marathon date which is in September. Thanks! and thanks for vouching for me Angie! :) Angie is a great person too and super runner.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I am running the Top of Utah full marathon! Getting excited and NERVOUS!