Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cold weather running

ok gals.. I live for the hot summer months... I love getting up early and running before the sun and heat are out (when its still in the mid to upper 70s :) ...

Every year about this time I get anxious about winter and the cold that screams at me to stay in the house and not run outside. This year I want to be prepared. I want to embrace running in the cold ... and I would love to hear advice-tips from you.

  • what's your favorite clothes (brands) to keep you warm? (legging? face and head gear? gloves? jackets?)
  • any tricks to get you warm before you get out the door so its not so brutal before you warm up?
  • Whats your low temp limit? What weather conditions will you NOT run in? (the coldest I have ever run in is 35 degrees if i remember correctly)
  • What about drinking? I found drinking water when it so cold out made me colder....hum.
and lastly... would LOVE to hear websites or company's you recommend for cold weather run gear... ... I can't spend a lot of $ so would love any ideas as far as when the best time to buy-get deals on gear.

thanks for your advice :)


emily said...

oh, oh, i LOVE running when it is cold. love it. i don't have any grand advice, nor do i buy any brand clothing. i just layer with whatever i have around: fitted thermal, long sleeved shirt and a fitted fleece pull-over - something like that. if it's really cold i'll wear two layers on the bottom, as well as gloves. my gloves usually come off, though - if it's above 30 degrees. and a hat to cover the ears. that should do it. :)

i've run when it has been single-digits. when i layer i have never been cold. our bodies are amazing. if it is single digits, though, i will also wear a gator - or something that will cover my neck and mouth.

oh yeah, if you run outside when it's cold but sunny - then it can almost feel springish. really. usually i'm running before the sun is up and it's still okay. again, i LOVE the cold and running in it - just dress appropriately and you'll be able to enjoy it, too.

erinmalia said...

i'm totally the opposite. i live for running in the colder months.

for clothing, i love long-sleeved tops with the thumb holes. what a difference they make. fleece gloves seem to do a good job as well. i usually start out with a tight wool cap, but that comes off at about mile 1.

i have run at temps in the single digits, and honestly, by time i got moving (and the cold makes you move!) i couldn't even feel the cold anymore.

Amateur Steph said...

Anything in the 50s F is when I finally pull out the pants. I have yet to find some good tights or pants for running. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
Otherwise when the temp is in the 50s I love Under Armour for the base layer (I wear the looser cotton shortsleeves) and then a thicker (not one with little holes) long sleeve. If the windchill drops it into the 30s and 40s I have a Gore Windstopper running jacket that I absolutely adore for my outer layer. It seems to breathe a little bit more than my nylon jackets and it's water repellant too and has thumb holes (love thumb holes more than gloves).
I haven't found a pair of gloves that I love either.
Also, I've found that an ear band works better with a pony tail and doesn't make me miserably hot but keeps my ears warm. I have a Windstopper ear band that makes it hard to hear but definitely keeps me at the perfect temp.
I also like the tops with a loose turtleneck. They keep my neck warm. I have a Nike Drifit one. It's great.
It's all about experimentation and finding what works for you. :)

Tall Girl Running said...

I really enjoy cold-weather running. I once waited until the temperature climbed to zero degrees before going out to run (I refuse to run in negative digits)! By then, the sun had come out and even at zero degrees I was perfectly comfortable. It's all about experimenting with your layers and finding what works best for you.

A couple of tips I can pass along:

--Warm up for several minutes on your treadmill before heading outside. That way, the first chill of going outdoors isn't as much of a shock. In fact, if you warm up to the point of breaking a sweat, going outside will actually feel refreshing!

-- Be sure to cover your ears somehow. I like wearing just a simple fleece headband as opposed to a hat so that heat can escape through my head but still keep my face and ears warm. I also prefer wearing two layers of thin gloves... anything more just feels too bulky.

-- If you live in a climate with a lot of snow and ice, invest in a pair of running cleats. They slip over the bottom of your shoes and give you enough traction to keep from slipping and sliding all over the place.

--Visualize the steaming cup of coffee or cocoa and the long, warm shower you can have as soon as you finish your run. Simple rewards like that make it a little more bearable!

Christy said...

I love the cold...hate the heat. We're dealing with 100 degree temps here in the south mid west. Ugh!

I love my dri fit wear by Nike...anything that allows me to layer up without the bulk but that also has the moisture whicking material. Love that! I could run all day long in the cold wearing that stuff.

Jen said...

I am soooo the opposite of you! I heart winter running and HATE the summer months of outdoor training!

Here is some of my favorite gear:

Nike makes some wonderful winter tights. There are some with fleece on the inside, and some that are just straight tights. I also love their longsleeve turtle necks with the thumbholes. Just make sure you have a base layer underneath (a thin, tight, short or longsleeve shirt-- all non cotton of course).

Socks: I love Smartwool.

Gloves: I like the thinner kind and I got mine at my local running store. But, my hands always get hot a few miles in and I take them off.

Hat/Headband: I've got an awesome running beanie from Nike (I think it's called a Skull Cap) and I've got a few fleece headbands that cover my ears.

Tricks: I like to take a hot cocoa mug or some hot cider with me and sip it on the way to my run or before I head out the door. Warms me from the inside out!

Temp Limit: Depends on where you live. I haven't found any temp too cold in Utah, but when I lived in Iowa, wowza, that was too cold about half of the winter. If your boogers are freezing in your nose, which mine did in Iowa, then it's probably too cold.

And drinking: I like gatorade. I keep it at room temp, then put it in my fuel belt and it doesn't get as cold.

Hope that helps! Now, bring on the cold!

Gina said...

I love my running tights from REI. They are a less expensive alternative to some of the running brands. They are ugly but a must-have. I also got a nice cold-weather compression shirt in the mens department at Walmart. My cut-off is 10 degrees, any lower than that is not worth it. On the icy days I run with a pair of Yak-Trax cleats and they are great. Ear-cover,gloves...you're good to go.

Keva Kate said...

I, too, abhor running in the cold. Personally, I think there is nothing worse in the world than running in the cold. But, I do it and I make the best of it. :) I tihnk the coldest temperature that I have run in in the last year or so was 16 degrees. I thought I was going to die! Ha! I really like Nike cold weather gear for staying warm. The fabrics seem to insulate really well, while still being light. Another thing I wear when it is REALLY cold is a ski gator thing that covers most of my face. I'm sure I look like a real dope running around like a masked robber, but hey, I'm warm. :) Oh, and I've also been known to double up on my socks.

I'm not sure how long you go out running for, but I generally make a cup of hot tea, put it in a covered mug, and leave it in my car. By the time I get back, it has cooled off, but is still warmer to my cold insides than water...and not too hot to shock my system.

Hope this helps!

Running, kind of. said...

Hmmm...al very good questions. I actually like running in cold weather because I like being warm, all bundled up. unlike running in the heat, unless I get down right naked, I can only take off so much. :)

For me my running tights are a must! They are tight and keep my muscles warm. This is a must. i find that my legs dont really get as cold as my upper body.

Make sure that on your upper body you wear something that will wic the mooisture AWAY from your body. Brooks and Pearl Izumi make some excellent cold weather gear.

i always wear my head warmer thing, it is like an ear warmer, from old navy. I love it because I can actually run using my ear buds (for my iPod) in the winter because the ear warmer will hold them in place!

gloves are a must! And since you will be wearing a jacket of some sort, fleece or a sweat shirt with a stomach pocket, if your hands get hot you can put the gloves in the pocket. I have found that if my head, ears, and hands are warm I am warm. Those are the main places for me. But every one is different.

if it is snowing you will want water proof stuff. I wear a brooks running jacket usually, or even my north face rain jacket. Anything to keep you dry. when you get wet you get cold.

Tall socks are important too. if you wear tights then you may have some skin exposed above the ankle, so the socks help with that.

I will run in any temp as long as it is not icy. that is where I draw the line, I am too clumbsy and a broken bone would plain suck!

I have run in the freezing cold in a short sleeved tech shirt, ear warmers, tights, and gloves. Once you get to running you really do warm up.

Good luck!!!!


Jhonne said...

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