Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ok, I have a confession to make.

I skipped my run this morning. My Saturday run.

As I lay in bed (at 8:30) enjoying the fresh breeze through the open window and the comfort of my sheets, I thought to myself, "I should really get up. I really need to do a run."

But I couldn't do it.

Too tired. Me want sleepy.

What have I done?

I've been so tired the past week or so. I've done my 14,16,18, 20 mile runs. I need to do at least another 18 and 20 before the marathon. Do you think I'm ok? (this is my 2nd marathon) I try to listen to my body and this week it's been saying, "Get some rest". I moved a month ago, kids started school, I work part time... life has been busy. Last Saturday was the Hobble Creek 1/2 where I really ran hard. So this week I planned to do three 7 milers and take it easy before returning to the regular program next week. What I ended up doing was rest Monday, 3.5 hill workout Tuesday, rest Wednesday, 5.5 tempo run Thursday, Yoga/Abs Friday, then nothing today! I tried to tell myself I would run later, but who am I kidding? I hate running in the afternoon and I have a company picnic that starts at 5pm. Midnight run perhaps?

Tell me I haven't made a huge mistake. Am I hitting a wall? I normally can't wait to get out the door. I happily set my alarm every Saturday for 6 am, but I couldn't do it today. I am trying to get some extra iron in case I am anemic or something. Feeling so sluggish. Any tips or suggestions?


Cal said...

Oh...I know exactly how your feeling!!! I am also training for my second marathon (St. George). I have had a rough running week too...which is really hard for me to admit to. I also ran Hobble Creek 1/2 last week and ran it hard and when Monday came...I didn't want to get out of bed-so I slept an extra hour before I had to work-which I haven't done for a long, long time..and the rest of the week has been sluggish at best. I've been trying to get my runs done but I don't feel my normal energy. I did get up and do my 20 miler today...but only because there were some other people depending on me-otherwise I would have rolled over in bed and went back to sleep. If it helps, I have several friends training for St. George and everyone has seemed to have a rough week. Maybe we're all just a little worn out. I think your fine to just take a little break and hopefully next week will be better :) Good Luck!

Lisa said...

You have classic symptoms of overtraining. Resting like you have done is probably the best thing you could have done. Don't beat yourself up for it. Also, if you "raced" that half marathon, keep in mind that (depending on your base miles) it takes approximately one day per mile of a race to recover. Most likely, you will feel fine next week.

Good luck in the rest of your training.

emily said...

i think sometimes we just all need a break. i'm not training for anything right now and was just going to do my normal 6-mile saturday run.

but it didn't happen today b/c simply i didn't want to. and that never happens to me - i haven't taken off a saturday for no reason in years.

perhaps is the end of summer tiredness that gets us all. :) i don't know, but i wouldn't worry about anything. i've had plenty of friends that never even trained more than one 18-miler for their marathon and did just fine.

good luck!

Angela said...

Wow, your post couldn't have come at a better time. You can call me a "slacker" as well because I missed my run today too! I have been feeling the same way this whole week and it is really just frustrating. I ran the Wasatch Woman's "Love Your Body" 10K last Saturday and ever since then my measly runs this week have done nothing but discouraged me even more...I have been feeling just plain ol' exhausted, very low energy and just can't seem to catch my breath during my runs this week. I am training for the Provo Halloween 1/2 Marathon and have also signed up for the SLC Full Marathon in 2010. I had already decided this morning that I was going to call my Doctor's office on Monday to get my iron levels checked. I am definitely a complete newb when it comes to running, but, I do agree that you shouldn't get too down on yourself for missing a run...just think of all those rockstar miles you have been putting in before today =) You might not be able to make up for it today, but, you will get the miles in somehow. Hope you have a better week, I know I hope the same for me!! Good Luck on your race!!!

Btw, I am new to posting on the Marathon Mommy blog, glad to have found this site =)

Running, kind of. said...

I think you have to listen to your body. If you need rest then you should rest, then hit it hard when you are fresh and ready! That is better than injuring yourself or wearing your immune system down and getting sick.

I bet you will snap back before you know it!! Good luck and keep your eye on your goal! Remember your WHY!


Keva Kate said...

Don't feel one bit guilty about skipping a run! You need a break every now and then. And, you know what? You aren't the only one who skipped her Saturday morning run. I did too! I get up early every day of the week to get ready for work and sometimes on the weekends I just want to sleep in (even if only for an extra 30 - 45 minutes). It's okay! Don't beat yourself up over it!

Robyn said...

Thank you so much for your comments- it makes me feel so much better! I just imagined everyone else out running and following their training plan while I was knocked out in bed!!! Life goes on, right? Thanks for your words of support, it's amazing what a difference it makes to hear someone say, "It's ok" :-)

Jamie said...

Robyn, you are anything but a slacker! I am a huge fan of listening to your body. Plus, if you just ran a hard half, your body was probably telling you that you needed the rest. :)