Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey, where are all the fall marathon reports? We need some inspiring TOU stories. Any St. George marathoners waiting in the curtains? Who will be in St. George and how does it compare to some of the other popular marathons? I find myself thinking, dreaming and visualizing about the big day often!!! Good Luck Marathon Mommies!


Cal said...

So True...I would love to hear some inspiring TOU stories...many of my running friends ran that marathon and they are all very strong runners but it seemed to be a day of horror stories for many of them...It has really made me nervous for the St. George marathon that I'm running next week...eeek!!! It's my second marathon this year and I'm trying to keep myself positive but as the day is getting closer...it is harder and harder. I would love some positive inspiration!!!!

Cal said...

I also wanted to add for all the St. George marathoners this link for a pace calculator for the St. George marathon...pretty cool.


Tall Girl Running said...

I had a great day at TOU... finally got the PR I was coveting!

You can catch my report here:


Candice @ I Have Run said...

I posted my TOU race report yesterday: http://ihaverun.blogspot.com/2009/09/race-report-my-first-marathon-top-of.html

I wish I had made it into St. George! Next year?!?

Vanessa Shannon said...

Im not a member of this blog but I read it constantly for advice and inspiration. I am getting ready to run my first half marathon in November and Im really curious if there are any strong opinions on which energy gel/bar/blok works the best? I tried the GU on a long run last week and it was really hard to get down. I also tried the bloks although I dont think I ate enough of them....I dont know that they helped or not. So could someone write a blog post about this subject? It would really be appreciated!!

Tall Girl Running said...


I can put in my two cents on the gels. I've experimented with different kinds because I also had a hard time getting down the GU brand. I finally settled on PowerBar gels because they have more of a syrupy texture that's much easier to get down than the thicker GU's. The green apple and tangerine flavors seem to be the thinnest mixtures, but even the others aren't so bad. It also helps to squeeze the gel package in your hand for several minutes before you open it to warm it up and make it a little easier to get down. And always, always be sure to chase down any gel you take with fluid.

Just keep experimenting. There's never going to be a gel that tastes like an ice cream sundae, but you'll find a brand and flavor you can at least tolerate.

Good luck!

Robyn said...

I'm getting ready for St. George too- I can't believe it's just over a week away! Yikes!! ***Nervous excitement***

About the gels... I am a huge fan of Gu Plain and Chocolate flavors. I squeeze about 1/4 at a time into my mouth and leaving it on my tongue, sip a few oz of water to swallow it down (repeat 3 times til it's gone) Do not try to "eat" it or work it in your mouth at all. Just swallow like a vitamin or pill and you're good. That's what works for me anyway. Gu's are so much smaller and lighter to carry than the other options and my body seems to like them better than the sugary alternatives. Good luck Vanessa!

Mel said...

I too love hearing all those marathon stories! I'm getting very nervous for my 1st marathon next week in St. George. Its been a tough journey so far as I've battled with an injury and missed 3 weeks of training at one point.