Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Diego Rock n' Roll or LA Marathon?

I'm thinking about running either the San Diego Rock n' Roll or LA marathon. Here's the thing: I was in really good shape after my last half marathon on August 8th, but I've kind of dropped the ball since. (Not kind of, I really have.) The LA Marathon is March 21st and the Sand Diego race is June 6th. I'd rather run LA because my grandma lives there and it would just be easier for me, but I'm not sure if I'll even have a chance at a good time because I haven't run for a month. We thought we were gonna try for another kid right now but we think we've changed our minds...Anyways,any advice?


Tryna said...

I'm planning on doing San Diego in June. I am doing Chicago in 3 weeks, then am really going to focus on my eating and nutrition through the holidays and cut way back on mileage. I'm hoping to get a few pounds off instead of gaining weight in the winter. Then that gives me a good 6 months to get back up to speed. Personally I know I don't have the discipline to train until January. Also, San Diego is flat, another bonus. Good luck!

Brandi said...

I'm planning on running San Diego in June, too!! :)
My first-born is due in early November, so LA probably wouldn't be a very realistic goal for me! :)
Actually, my Mother has never run a marathon and tends to run at a pace a few minutes per mile slower than mine. Her goal is to finish prior to the time-cutoff, which I MAY have cushioned and told her is 6.5 hours! :) She asked me to "train" her for her first marathon, while easing myself back into the sport post-baby! I'm thinking this may be a win-win for both of us!

So - while this doesn't really help you with YOUR dilemma - I was excited a see a few others who are [potentially] planning on running San Diego. :)

Good Luck!!

Sarah B. said...

San Diego would be prettier. I have also heard the LA Marathon is a crowded one where as San Diego is spread out. Either way good luck on your decision. :)

Stephanie said...

Personally I think that you would have plenty of time to train for LA if that is the one you wan to do. Taking a little time off does not put you back at ground zero.

Heather said...

I actually agree with Stephanie. I think you have plenty of time for the LA marathon. . .6 mos is a long time. There is such a thing as over training. You may want to keep that in mind as you decide. I vote to do the one YOU want to. I wish you good luck in making your decision. . .I will send you lots of happy running thoughts!

Laura said...

Thanks for all your well wishes! I think I'm gonna do LA.