Saturday, October 10, 2009

St. George 2009 Race Report

If you're interested, I posted about St. George on my blog. It was an awesome weekend, and further strengthened my opinion that St. George is one of the best marathons ever!


Cal said...

I loved your race report. Congratulations on a great race and a great time!!! I totally know how you felt getting hurt right before the race and having the feeling that you had just worked so just had to be there. I'm glad you were able to run strong. I also completely agree with you comparing it to giving birth to your children. I also have 5 kids and Labor is the only thing I can compare running a marathon too. It is so hard but so worth it in the end and then you turn around and want to do it again! This was my first year at St. George but I already can't wait until next year! It is a great marathon!

Heather said...

I really enjoyed your race report. I am so glad that everything work out as far as your ankle is concerned. What an accomplishment! Way to go!

knockonwood said...

As I read your race report, I couldn't help but notice the similarites in our stories. I too have 5 kids and wanted desperately to see a 3 by my name as well. When I stopped my watch it said 3:59:59! I was estatic! My timing chip said 3:59:48. Trade 4 throwing up kids for a sore ankle and we have a match. Way to go on 8 marathons and reaching your goal. It is great.