Saturday, December 19, 2009

Running buddy questions

Again, I need your Marathon Mommies wise advice.

I recently started running with running buddy. I've been running for a few years and this is the first time I ever run with someone else and I love it! My running buddy and I are both running the SLC Marathon this coming April. It will be both our first Marathon. We are both running at different paces though. My question is: "Have you ever been in a similar situation, and what did you do to both reach common ground?"


Anonymous said...

I have been in that situation. My pal and I decided we would just do our "long" runs together which focus on distnace/time more than speed. I stick to the speed work, temp runs, etc on my own so I can meet my goal pace. It is a hard balance. It is sooo fun to run with others but sometimes it is what it is. You/her may just be faster and if you really want to reach your full potential you have to way the options. You may want to try doing the running buddy thing until after the marathon. However, only you know what is right for you. I am sure she would understand whatever you decide. GOod luck and happy training..!

Lisa said...

I'm not sure there really is common ground. You need to talk to her about it. I have run with friends who run at different paces and it has worked out well. I have been with women faster and slower than me. For long runs, the faster one should slow to the slower pace. She should do some of the shorter workouts by herself (or just pull ahead).

You need to agree to run your own race. I made the mistake by trying to keep up with my faster friend, rather than run at my pace. I didn't want to hold her back. I ran out of energy around mile 14, when I had to let her go anyway.

As long as you are there for each other at the beginning and the end, that is what matters. Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous said...

I have this same problem, and I'm afraid of hurting my friend's feelings by running faster than she does. At the same time, I've added 2 or more minutes to my mile time. I'd like to run another marathon, but I will have to add an hour to my time at this pace. I feel your pain. I think I will probably join a running group and encourage her to come with me and run at her own pace with others who are doing the same. I hear Salt Lake has groups too. (I'm in another country, and just finding someone who speaks my same language is difficult, better yet, a running buddy.)

Laura said...

My first marathon I didn't even follow a schedule and my friend finished like 15 minutes before me. She was concerned that she hurt my feelings and I could have cared less...I think you really need to have a talk with her and explain how you feel. Running with someone is fun, but I think racing is largely individual and people should be understanding of that. Hope she is understanding because she should be.

Ang said...

I found a running buddy last year and I just had to slow down. And this year the tables have turned and she has to slow down for me. Funny how things work. It works for us because neither one of cares about our pace.