Monday, January 11, 2010

Born to Run

I just finished the book, Born to Run, by Chris McDougall last night and I LOVED it!!!! I am sure many of you have read it and perhaps there has already been a post about it here on this web site. If so, sorry for the repeat. . .but, I think that it is worth repeating!
I loved the way it was written. . .it was one of those books that I would stay up way to late as I couldn't put it down. My early morning training is glad that I am finished reading it as it really suffered from it!!! It really opened my eyes on a few different things that I would like to change in my running habits as well as my eating habits.
If you haven't read it, it is written in the form of a story, which for me is why it was so fun to read, but it is riddled with interesting facts regarding running through out the books entirety.
My favorite message that I took from it was this:

Running is not about the race, goal pace, about negative splits, hill repeats, or sprint work outs. It is not about writing down each work out on a piece of paper and checking it off you list of things to do. It is about the Journey. It is about improving in EVERY facet of your life. It is about being a better individual. Running is about finding joy in the simple things.

What is awesome about this? The women who post here already know this and live this or are trying to live this. I can hear it in your posts and responses. So, thanks for the constant reminders regarding the important things!!!!


Jamie said...

Sweet! I need to add that book to my list.

trifitmom said...

hubby got me it for xmas, need to finish my current book and start it up

runningBarefoot said...

I am on chapter three... and loving it! I am with ya that alot our co-bloggers are already following the message from the book.

la dilettante said...

That is a nice reminder of why I run. I don't necessarily enjoy it when I do it, but it makes me feel capable, strong, and confident in every aspect of my life. It really is about the journey. I'll never be fast, but I don't need to be.

The Stoner Family said...

I love that book! My husband and I got it on CD for a road trip and it was amazing!!!!

Lisa said...

I downloaded that book to my iPod and listened to it during my long runs. I highly recommend that! I love the voice of the guy who reads it and it is pretty inspiring to be listening about these awesome runners while you are plugging away.