Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a question......

Hey girls....I have a running injury/problem that I'm hoping someone out there will have some help for me.
I got a overtraining injury last fall (as I was training for the St. George Marathon) which ended up resulting in Piriformis Syndrome. At that time the doctor gave me a Cortizone shot in my hip (two days before the Marathon-so I could run it) and then had me go to Physical Therapy and cut back on my running after the marathon. I had thought that had did the trick and I went into the start of this year feeling better and I ran a 1/2 marathon in January. I felt fine during the 1/2 marathon until about mile 10 and then the hip pain came back. I again went back to physical therapy and have worked hard to get the problem under control. I have really worked hard on cross training and trying to build up my glute muscles (they think part of the problem is that my quads are pretty strong but my glutes are weak so there is an inbalance). I had been doing well and had even ran 10 and 12 miles with little pain but then again last week I ran the Canyonlands half marathon and got to about mile 8 and the hip pain was back again and this time it was horrible. I somehow ran to the end (because I knew if I stopped even for water I would never be able to start again) but I feel like I'm back at step one again. My physical therapist has suggested that I get another cortizone shot in my hip but I just keep thinking that I want to fix the problem and not just cover it up for a while. I decided to try a chiropractor this week (for the first time ever) and he did all of his adjustments and now I'm just really sore all over but maybe it will help-I know I need to give that time.
Anyway, My question is...I'm wondering if anyone out there has been through this before or has any other advice that I can try to work on this Piriformis syndrome and the problems that it's creating. I feel like I've tried just about everything and I just really want it to get better.


Giggles said...

First off, are you sure the Piriformis Syndrome is the only problem? I've been dealing with an over training hip issue that the doctor diagnosed as trocanteric bursitis but the physical therapist thinks is mostly likely attributed to weak hip muscles and I'm pretty sure is also tied in to the IT band problems I've been having.

I've been doing different hip stretches and strengthening exercises from the therapist as well as rolling out my hip and thigh for all they're worth with my Stick and foam roller.

It is slowly getting better though (started getting help the first of February). But I'm also going real slow with my running. Right now I'm just getting up to five minute jogs with two minute walks between them three times a week.

Erin said...

I haven't been able to keep running with my piriformis problems, I'm sure that isn't what you want to hear.

It is bad, it is painful, and it could be something that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. Bummer huh!

I have to roll my piriformis daily with a foam roller, along with my IT band. What really works for me is to get a tennis ball and roll on it. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. place the ball under your butt close to where the piriformis attaches to the sacrum. Roll allover it, hold it in different spots for a minute and them move it some more. Then move it to the other attachment spot by the hip joint, where the IT band connects too.

By loosening these muscles (which are deep and hard to get to) it should help the middle portion of the muscle from spasming so much.

I first went to the Chiro when I started having so much pain and luckily he knew what was causing the pain and made my Piriformis Syndrome diagnosis.

I would spend your money on a massage therapist over anyting else. You can probably fix it best on your own being consistant with the tennis ball and foam roller.

For now I have given up runs longer than a few miles. It just isn't worth the pain.

I hope you are able to fix your problem. If you get an answers. PLEASE let me know!

Anonymous said...

I've had problems with the same thing ever since I was pregnant. And I did the same thing with physical therapy and massage and chiropractory and whatnot. I stretch and foam roll and use the stick and the tennis ball. And I keep on top of it the best I can.

But I will tell you the one thing that has helped like no other. Strain/Counterstrain. Ever heard of it? There's only so many people who do it in the US, but if you have someone near you, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! It's not cheap, but it's totally worth it. I only went once and have not had near the same acute problem as I had before. Now the problem is manageable.

Here's the website where you can find a practitioner in your area:

Good luck!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

I have been dealing with seroius hip issues since Nov. All I have done is have x-rays to make sure there are no fractures.

I have been taking antinflamatories and that helps. I hope you can get it under control, hip problems really stink. For now I just run through the pain...I have no idea how. I think I need running more than the pain hurts, if that makes sense.

I am curious to see how the chiropractor works out for you. I have been thinking that mine pops in and out of socket, causing inflamation of the muscles and tendons.

good luck to you!

Ladybug said...

I started having a problem during my pregnancy with my piriformis. I didn't realize until later that it was due to me putting my feet up all the time. >:/

This kit has been amazing for both my plantar fasciitis and the problem with my piriformis:

I have found that deep massage, strengthening my abs and shoulders (!), and watching my gait have all helped.

I hope you do find some relief soon from this. It is really stressful and painful!

Mommy Joggers said...

Hmm. I've had bursitis in my hip, and what worked that out with a PT (In addition to lots and lots and lots of stretching and DEEEP tissue massage followed by ice) was when she sono'd some of that "numbing medicine" in there about once a week.
I have avoided Cort shots because I have heard that it can actually make things worse- not sure about that.
I am just finding myself with Piriformis and hoping Chiro can help me work it out. The joy of running pregnant- what never hurt before has popped up!

Robyn said...

I strongly suggest adding yoga to your cross training. There's a great book by Sage Rountree called The Athletes Guide to Yoga and it's fabulous. You can use the index to look up specific stretches for your injury. Pigeon and Square pose are great for the piriformis. I used this book when I had really bad IT band syndrome and nothing the PT did seemed to help. I agree with Erin on the massage and foam roller thing too. Helps a ton. I hope you heal soon! Good luck!

Cal said...

Thanks everyone for your comments...I'm glad I'm not alone in this hip/piriformis pain issue. The sports med doctor I went to and my PT have both diagnosed me with the piriformis syndrome (partly because my sciatic nerve is also affected)...but it does seem like much of my pain radiates through my hip. Anyway...I have been on a regime of many stretches (the doctor, PT and chripractor have all given me specific stretches to do :) and I've been doing Yoga three times a week with my cross training. I also roll out my hips/It band every day after my work out but I hadn't heard of the tennis ball thing...I need to try that. Anyway, Hopefully something will help...I have too many fun running things planned for the next few months :)