Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is this really happening?

So I am supposed to be running Boston in 20 days, I say supposed to because I all of a sudden have an injury. After researching things and having my hubby test out a few things (he is a doctor) we think that I have iliopsoas tedonitis. Has any one had this? Pain in the groin area with running. standing up after sitting, putting on pants, etc. Just wondering if you have had this how long before you could run again. At this point I am just hoping to be able to run where as before I was hoping to PR. Sometimes life throws curve balls!


Cal said...

I'm so sorry. That sounds so much like my problem that I was discussing in a earlier post (mine is Piriformis syndrome) but I originally got this injury on my last long run before the St. George marathon last fall. I felt exactly the same way "Is this really happening" after I had trained so hard. I was also wanting to get a PR but in the end I didn't even know if I would be able to run at all...so in the end I had to just settle for finishing. (I did get a PR but that wasn't saying much :)
Anyway, I hope that you can figure it out before Boston and be able to run and do your best! I always hear that the biggest hurdle to running a marathon is just getting there uninjured...I think we are always walking a fine line.

Phannie said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I have major problems with my iliopsoas. (I'm also so glad your husband knows what it is. I have seen to doctors and talked to nurses who said they had never heard of the muscle) Anyway, what has helped me the most is massage. I am a massage therapist and so have had plenty of coworkers that could work on me.

Be picky about the therapist you choose. Not all are trained to work this muscle or are comfortable digging in quite this far. We have to go at it through the lower abdomen. It's not exactly comfortable or relaxing but works wonders.

You should try it