Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rock n Roll Advice?

I am running the Dallas Rock n Roll this next weekend.... its my first organized half marathon race (all the other half "races" I have done have been on my own.. (solo)

please share your advice and wisdom when it comes to a big race like this...



EricaH said...

my first 1/2 will be a RnR San Diego so i look forward to seeing what kind of advice you get.

Cal said...

My advice...Just have fun!!!

Megan said...

some of the BEST advice given to me was: when you think you can't go on...just take one more breath and one more step.

I clung to that line when I ran my first marathon and it got me through a really tough mile or two.

Good luck!

Ruthie said...

thanks for the advice :)

i am more worried about logistics, about potties, water, getting to where I need to be when i need to be there etc. If I am in corral 4 how long will it take for me to actually start if the race starts at 8? do they start on time? is it crazy crowded?

The Horton Family said...

I'm running it also!! Just go to have fun... Take it all in. If you hit a wall remember it will be over before you know it... It's just a Sunday morning run with tons of your new running "Friends"! They start within 5 or so mins of the start time. Get there early so you can go potty and get in line. I have made the mistake of running up to the start line, don't do that:). I plan to be there about 45 mins before the race starts. Bring some tissue with you incase they run out. It happens every race!!! Have FUN!!!! You're doing something most American's can't do!!!!!!

susie said...

My advice would be to pace yourself. During a big race like that...there is such an adrenaline rush and it is very easy to start fast...with 13 miles to want to pace yourself to what you're used to. Get there in enough time to use the bathroom and all that. I did the R&R in Seattle and the lines for the porta potties were like 20-30 people long. I don't know how big Dallas is...but there were 25,000 at Seattle and we were in corral 15 and got there 10 minutes late (yes...never been late to a race before and was panicking if it weren't for the hundreds of other people that were late on the sidewalks...traffic was CRAZY). And then we still didn't start for about 9 minutes! So, we were 19 minutes past gun time. Anyway...enjoy yourself. Suck up the energy from the race and use it wisely! Seattle was crazy never thinned out...constantly weaving in and around people. Good luck!!!

Amber said...

the best advice I heard when I was running my first half-marathon was that if you're tired/sore/need to walk, don't feel bad about taking a quick walk. just start with walking for 60 seconds and then running again.
another thing that they told us was to just keep your routine. don't go and try and get a new pair of shoes or anything right before the race..keep your routine, don't try and change it last minute.
good luck, have fun!

Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog and I think you are going to be fine for this race-your training seems to have gone well! Don't change your long run routines as far as breakfast, etc. Get there early and hit the porta potties. Get in line and enjoy your race. It will prob be crowded, so just settle in and enjoy the day! Good luck and can't wait to read your RR

Lisa said...

I always say that it is better to get to a race too early than to stress about finding a parking spot on time. The races when I cut it too close seem to be very stressful. When I get there early, I have time to use the porta potties etc.

If it is going to be cold in the morning, you might think about wearing a sweatshirt that you can throw away (I got one for $3 at Walmart). The race will donate it.

There should be plenty of water stations, but if you are worried about it, carry your own. I always do. That way I can drink or eat whenever I want. In a half marathon I eat a Gu around miles 4.5 and 9.

Like someone posted above, pace yourself. My best half marathons have been slower in the first half of the race. If you do feel like you need to walk, give yourself a goal (next water station, next mile marker etc.)

Finally... thank the volunteers, high five spectators and have fun!!!!!

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Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

Hey I am running it too! Looks like we will have a few there! Any one want to try and meet up before the race? I could get some balloons or something and pick a coral to meet by - sometimes it is just nice to "know" someone :)

PiccolaPineCone said...

Don't weave! You will find the first few miles are quite slow and congested. It will open up and you'll have some decent running room by 1.5-2 miles. Don't waste energy trying to weave around other runners before then. Just keep running the tangents (as much as possible) or run in a straight line. Any gain you make by weaving will be lost in the extra distance you run and in the inefficiency of accelerating and slowing down.

Kelly(M&M) said...

Good luck in your race!! How exciting to be running with so many people. Enjoy the atmosphere, soak in the energy of the people around you!! Try not to start to fast, it is easy to try to keep up with everyone else because you don't realize how fast it is. You will do awesome! Can't wait to hear your report!

Megan said...

as far as logistics...carry a few sheets of toliet paper with you for use BEFORE the race. it has been my experience that with lots of pre-run jitters there's never enough toliet paper for every one.

most races i've been to have been very well organized (including a rock 'n roll race). there are announcements and lots of signs. and if all else fails, just ask someone.

how long it takes for you to start will depend on how many people are there. corral 4 shouldn't take long...less than 5-10 minutes i'd think. I believe they usually do them in 30 second to one minute waves.

as for water...for a half i usually skip the first water station, it's too crowded. after that i hit them all and then skip the last one, but that's just my strategy. i like to not grab for the first couple of cups and get the water/gatorade closer to the end of the water line so it's not as crowded.

As the race goes on people tend to spread out, you'll find your groove, and it'll all work out.


Ruthie said...

hey gals.. thanks for all the advice :) I have sent this link to the girls I helped train for this event so they are reading all this too!

we are all so pumped! keep the advice coming! :)

yall are GREAT! thanks !!!!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

i am more worried about logistics, about potties:
RnR races are very organized and there should be plenty of porta potties around, even along the race. You should go before you get there and before the run. In my experience the lines at the early porta potties along the course often have lines. If you must stop and go the ones after mile 5 or six are usually shorter.

water: I would imagine that there is a choice of beverage provided and water. Usually they are places at least three or four places along the course. you should check the race website and see the course map, the water stations will be marked on the map.

getting to where I need to be when i need to be there etc: Are you staying in a hotel close by? there should be shuttles there to take you. I try to get to the race at least half an hour prior to start so I have time to use the porta potty and warm up a little bit. I ahve gotten there as late as 10 min prior too, when it is cold and I didn't want to stand and wait very long.

If I am in corral 4 how long will it take for me to actually start if the race starts at 8: the longest I have taken to actually cross the mat to start my chip time is 5 min. In coral four you could expect 3 to 5 minutes I would guess. When they start you will start inching forward in a huge wad of people...this is the hard part for me. I usually walk until I get to the actual starting line. It will be crowded. Expect that much!

do they start on time? I bet they start pretty darn close. Most big races have a tight schedule with the city, road closures and police support so they have to be as close as possible on schedule.

is it crazy crowded? YES. You can expect to be rubbing elbows most likely the whole time. In one of my biggest races I killed myself going fast to try to "break out". It never happened and I died around mile 5 because I ran faster than I had ever training. It never cleared out. There were thousands in front of me and thousands behind me. Just get into your own pace and settle in. Watch the people around you and dont spend energy weaving in and out, it could take valuable energy and time.

whew, all very good questions!!!

Good luck!!!! You will do great!

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