Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rock N Roll Race Report

Hi All..

Had a great time in Dallas... didnt meet my goal of 2 hours but close (2hour 16 min)... I had a rough night the night before and knew i would be going back to find my girls who I helped train for this event.... but i am happy with the race and THRILLED I had 10 ladies complete half marathons the weekend of the 13th and 14th (two did 13.1 on their own instead of traveling to the big race)

Here is my race report

here is my photo report :)

I have another post i will get to tomorrow .... more stories from the half but just havent gotten to it yet :) ....

Please remember the family of Mark Austry in your prayers too, If you havent heard he was the ex-texas tech baseball player who passed away just after crossing the finish line at the Dallas rock n roll

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Cal said...

Great Job on the race!!! Rock and Roll Marathons are so much fun!
That is also such sad news about the guy who passed away.