Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon

There have not been many race reports on here lately, so I thought I would post one. I ran the Bryce Canyon 1/2 last weekend with my sister and best friend. To be honest I really was not mentally or physically into it! I had been a single parent for a week, driven to St. George from Portland, and was so sleep deprived!!!! i figured i would just start and see what happened. I could not decide whether i should stick with my sister and friend or whether I should run and try to PR. I decided that I would start and if i was not feeling it I would stop and wait for them.

So with little sleep and a little worry about the high altitude I started the race. It was a really pretty run. I was really feeling the altitude around mile 7 as well as my quads after coming down some pretty steep hills. I decided to just power through and try and win some money. I ran down any woman in front of me hoping that I would be in the top 5 (if you are top 5 you win $$).
I really was trying to break 1:30 and came close but was happy to break my old PR of 1:35 with my new PR of 1:31:11. I thought maybe I had a chance of being top 5 but there are some really fast women out there!!! My time got me 11th place of the women. I was happy especially considering the altitude and my sleep deprivation.
If you get a chance to run this one, I recommend it!!


Kelly(M&M) said...

Sounds like an awesome race! You are one amazing runner, Steph. Congrats on your new PR. Send the positive vibes that I will get my PR at the Provo Canyon Half Marathon. :-) I love race reports! I can't believe you drove to St George by yourself with the kiddos. I must be a wimp! It was fun running into you 4th of July!

Amateur Steph said...

Wow! You are so fast. What a great time for a half.

Cal said...

Congratulations on a great race! I was originally planning on running that race but then had some things come up that got in the way that weekend....I've heard it's a great one though!

zbsports said...

This post reminds me of my team...too bad we go in different places now...i really missed our run...:(