Thursday, July 08, 2010

Freedom Half Video

Ok Ladies,
So you love to run, you love to do half or full marathons.. but you dont love paying the high fees for races. Here is a thought I just wanted to through out...... do a "race" on your own.. you could get a group of friends together and train then go go go go :) !

We did this this past weekend on July 3rd. This group I trained for 12 weeks and then most of the group came together for the 13.1. It was like a party, but a walking and running party. AAAA mazing day!

JUST because you dont RUN doesnt mean you cannot completed the distance. Most of my group walked and ran this distance. There are some great stories these ladies can tell...from training to free slaves in India, to someone who use to way over 200lbs...........amazing lessons in determination and dedication.

If they can.... you can!

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