Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taper Mind Games

Alright ladies, it is 10 days until St. George and I am losing my mind. I got upset with my husband over Plants V. Zombies and he asked me if something else is going on. I said, "Yes! St George is next Saturday!" He said he will ignore me until Oct. 2nd. :-)

So, I need something to keep me busy. I want to hear your marathon success stories! What were your mental tricks? How did you get through the last few miles? What is your mantra? How did you get through taper?

And for those of you who have run St George, what is your advice?! I have done all my training and all I can do now is train myself mentally and rest my tired legs!!

Can't wait to hear from you guys!! I will be adding songs to my playlist also. Anything to keep me busy!

Who else is running St. George? Or did anyone run Top of Utah? Looking forward to many posts!


Cal said...

Ha, Ha Kelly, I'm running St. George too and I'm feeling the exact same way you are. Taper Madness!!! I also ran St. George last year so I kindof know what to expect from it but maybe thats what freaks me out more...hmmm. I would love to hear others advice :)

Bart, Erin, Hunter & Jorden said...

On of my tricks for the last few miles (even though I am pretty sure I have told you this before - I will share it again) is to give each mile to someone. I started doing this after my little brother passed away, I ran a race exactly 1 month after he died and I needed something to make it through. It is helpful we have a big family so it made it easy to come up with people, but what I do is remember the good he did for them, the funny things they did together and how they are a better person for knowing him. My last six miles of every race go the same, my daughter, my son, my husband, my mom, myself and then Michael. You would be amazed how fast a mile goes when you are focussing on someone else's strength and not how much you just want to be done! and don't forget to have fun!

Mel said...

Kelly- It's only my second marathon so no advice from me. I'll be thinking of you as I suffer through this taper;) Misery likes company... right?

I'm unable to contribute to this blog but I do have a question for all of you marathon mommies. I want to take 5 or 6 gel packets with me but I can only fit two in my pocket. The spybelt presses on my bladder (which we know isn't a good thing) so I really don't want to use the belt. Besides pinning the gels to my waistband... what else can I do?

Stephanie said...

Oh Kelly, how i know your pain! You have heard all about my St. George so I will spare you more of me! You can do this!

ann said...

I'm training for my 1st, so I feel your pain! I LOVE dedicating miles to people. What a great plan! All I came up with so far is downloading a book to my ipod :)

Mrs JP Chaos said...

Kelly, you are going to ROCK this. You are so awesome...and so inspiring!!

Erin...I adore you. And I love your 'trick' for your last few miles. Amazing.

cherl said...

Thanks for posting these questions, Kelly. I know you are going to have an incredible race at St. George. All the hard work you've done these last few years will pay off. I can't wait to celebrate with you!

I love what Erin does in the last miles of her races. I will keep this in mind when the going gets tough.

Looking forward to hearing more comments, advice, anything at all that runners need to know for STG. Can't wait for this one!!

Juli said...

Mental tricks - the book "the non-runner's Guide to running a marathon" had some great mental tricks. I never hit "the wall".

My mantra: I am strong (breathe). My husband uses it too.

Mel, have you seen the hats that have loops for gels - they look like they work. You have tried sticking them in your bra? Just think of it as extra padding.

Mano said...


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