Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Race Calendar

What do you have coming up on your race calendar?  Would love to know which races you have lined up!  Race name, distance, date, location...??


cherl said...

8/21 - America's Finest City Half Marathon, San Diego

12/4 - California International Marathon, Sacramento

3/18 - Los Angeles Marathon, LA

Lacey Sue said...

my 1st 10K race, I am finally getting brave and doing it. It's not as impressive as a half or a full marathon- but I'll take it! :)

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

8/20/2011: Beat the Heat, 10K, Maui

9/4/2011: Kaua'i Half Marathon, Kaua'i

9/18/2011: Maui Marathon, Maui

11/12/2011: Harbor to Harbor, 17.28K, Maui

TDay -- looking for something around Deer Park/Livingston, TX

12/10/2011: Christmas Fun Run, either 5K with jogging stroller or 10K, Maui

2/4/2012: Run for the Whales, Half Marathon, Maui

2/14/2012: For the Love of Maui, 5K, Maui

April 2012: Wahine Half Marathon, O'ahu

Erin @ Create or Go Crazy said...

9/17 - One Tough 10K in Kemah, Texas

10/30 - Marine Corps Marathon, Washington D.C. Soooo excited about this! It'll be my 2nd marathon.

12/11 - The first ever Bryan/College Station Marathon. B/CS, Texas

There are several marathons on the coast of Texas that I'm considering for late winter:
2/18 - Surfside Marathon
3/18 - Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

9/17 Ragnar Napa

9/10 Tracy Bean Run 5K

January 2011 - Tinkerbell Hapf Marathon.... because I sweat pixie dust!! :) Good luck everyone!