Monday, November 14, 2011

What did you run? 11/7 - 11/13

How was your week?

As we're heading into the holidays, running is becoming more a priority for me.  Every year I swear our family is going to simplify our holidays but it never happens.  There is always travel, performances/shows, special outings with friends, holiday parties...  I'm exhausted just thinking about it!  How do the holidays change your running routine? 


cherl said...

36.5 miles*

Marathon is 12/4 so that helps me keep running a priority, at least until then. After that, it'll be a little more difficult (esp. with a trip to Oregon planned where it's bound to be a wet 10 days) but I know how I am if I don't get my runs in... ;-)

*including a 22 mile run on a treadmill!

Lacey Sue said...

For some reason the last little while has been crazy hectic and I feel totally lucky I got ANY runs in at all!!! *sigh* such is the story of most moms right?!