Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm back!

It has been way too long since I last posted here at Marathon Mommies.  So much has happened, and through it all I was beginning to wonder if I was still really a "runner".

We moved to Austin, Texas last summer and it took me a while to find my running groove and some ladies who could stand running with me. I miss my #1 running buddy and partner in crime in starting this blog: Kelly! ... also known as "M&M" because to me, she will always be the original "Marathon Mommy".  She is the one who casually put out there, "Hey, do you want to run a marathon with me?" and not having any idea what I was getting into said, "Sure!"  6 years,6 marathons, and 3 babies later we are better friends than ever. No, we are not exactly alike.  We have always joked that we are like opposites that attract, like "ying" and "yang".  Our runs/therapy sessions was where the universe came into balance and the world all started to make sense.

And then I had to go and move away.

Now that we don't live near each other (we even lived next door to each other for a year and it was so fun!) I miss our runs/therapy sessions.  After moving it really hit me how important the social aspect of running is for me.  I simply do NOT like to run alone. When I don't have any other option, I even try to get my kids to ride their bikes with me while I run. They're not fans.  :(

I have to say, it has not been easy to find the right "fit" for running buddies in my new area.  There doesn't seem to be the same kind of running "culture" that there was in Portland. I blame the weather. It takes a woman with a determination of steel to get out and run on summer days like they had here a few months ago.  Even early morning runs were stifling.  So finding someone to run with has been hard.  Long story short... I have started a beginning running group with a few ladies from my church.  It is mostly slow-going, but I love to see new runners finding their legs and will to keep going when it is tough.  And through some friends... of friends... of friends.... I have started running a few days a week with a small group of ladies who like to pick up the pace and run long miles on Saturdays.  I do love my long Saturday runs!

I will be running two 1/2 marathons in March, and I would LOOOVE it if anyone out there who reads Marathon Mommies would like to join me!   First, I will be running the Rock 'n Roll half in Washington DC on March 17 (Thanks to my brother-in-law who wanted to run it and paid for my entry so I would come run with him. I love family!)  I will then run the ZOOMA 1/2 Marathon on March 31.  There is also a 5K with that half, if you'd rather do that.  Please come run with me!  There is even talk that Kelly/M&M will be joining me for that one. I sure hope it works out and she is able to come run!

As luck would have it, I have been chosen to be a "Zooma Ambassador" for this 1/2 marathon in Austin, TX. This means I will be leading some training runs in my area the 12 weeks leading up to the race for ladies who would like to run ZOOMA on March 31.   And here is one of the best parts about  being an "ambassador" for this race: I get to share a discount code for the race entry!

You can register for the ZOOMA Texas Women’s Half Marathon & 5K at Hyatt Lost Pines on March 31st and receive $10 off the half or $5 off the 5K by using code TEXAMB12 when you register online!

I will also be giving away some of the sponsor's shirts and whatnot here on Marathon Mommies in the coming weeks.  So fun!

And soooooo.... I'M BACK! And it feels so great to feel like a "runner" again.  And it feels even better to be helping other women feel like "runners", too!

P.S. If you are in the Austin area... ZOOMA Texas Training Kick Off is at Luke’s Locker on January 7th at 8:30am. Come and join the ZOOMA team for a fun gathering to kick off our training season! Grab sweet swag from ZOOMA and their sponsors and run an easy 3 mile run!


Melissa said...

Congrats on being chosen an Ambassador! Can't wait to meet you Friday night :)

cherl said...

Awesome! So glad you are back, Suzie. It's wonderful to hear you've found some good people to run with in your new town, too. :-)

Kelly(M&M) said...

I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to hear all about it. We definitely miss you around these parts. :-)