Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Running Goals

What are your running goals for 2012?  Do you have races lined up already?  Let's hear what you have planned in the coming year!

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cherl said...

Okay, I'll start...

2012 Goal: run (at least) 1680 miles or a 35/week average -- I'm shooting for 1700

Races lined up:
1/22- Carlsbad HALF Marathon
3/18- Los Angeles Marathon
4/1 - Carlsbad 5000
5/6 - Orange County Marathon*
6/9 - Camp Pendleton Mud Run (10K)

*OC: I haven't registered yet but am very close to! Hope to make up my mind (and convince some pals to join me) before prices increase on 1/15.