Thursday, March 01, 2012

February: monthly mileage total?

Are you tracking your monthly mileage?  Some do and some don't.  I find it motivating to keep track and am always trying to run a few miles the next month.  It's those little joys that keep us moving forward.  So, in the interest, of tracking miles... How did you make out in February?  It was one day longer this year, did you get to run on Leap Day?  I forgot to post this last month.  How was January and how did it compare to February?  Goal for March??


cherl said...

January: 107.83
February: 155.95

I blew February's mileage out of the water (goal each month is 135). Love that! And yes, I did briefly consider making a go at netting my highest mileage yet in one month a few days ago. It would have meant several long runs on already tired legs, but I did think about it. Yes, I'm that crazy. Instead I decided to be smart - there is a little thing called a marathon coming up in two short weeks! - and settled for making this month my 2nd highest mileage in a single month. Ever. Yay me!

March goal: 135

Lacey Sue said...

January 98.55
February 100.47

Hoping to get 105+ for March!!!!!!

Kelly(M&M) said...

January- 15 miles (long story)
February- 78 miles (even with a week where I only ran 10- woo hoo)

Wow Cherl and Lacey- awesome months! I have never really kept track of my monthly or yearly mileage. I keep track of my weekly during marathon training just to make sure I am getting the distance in. My goal is usually 20+ miles per week normally and 30-40 miles/week during marathon training.