Sunday, March 11, 2012

Help me choose my marathon plan!

Hey there Mommies! When I signed up for the Newport Marathon, I had exactly 18 weeks, which is a typical training cycle. Usually, I decide my plan right away and stick to it. This time, I found 3 different plans and was trying to decide between them. 2 weeks into it, I decided not to do speedwork, but just focus on getting in slow miles to build my base. Here is what I have run each week:

January- In the whole month I only ran 10 miles! I had been running 15-20 miles a week before that for about a year.

January 30th-February 4th- 22 miles, including an 8 miler and 9 400 repeats!
February 6th- February 11th- 25.9 miles, including a short pace run and a 10.5 mile long run
February 13th- February 18th- 25.2 miles, including 2 800m repeats and an 11.2 miler.
February 20th- February 25th- 10 miles, took some heavy medication and was wiped for the week.
February 27th- March 3rd- 35.9 miles including a 13.1 mile run- no speedwork, all low heart rate.
March 5th- March 10th- 35 miles including a 12 mile run

So, that is my first 6 weeks. I have 12 weeks until my marathon. I am kind of antsy to start speedwork, but wondering if I should still just focus on slow, consistent mileage. I have friends who have used a pretty intense 12 week program that I am considering and it has 2 days of speedwork. I have also looked at the Hal Higdon schedules which I have used in the past, and the "Finish It" schedule from Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell's new book Train Like a Mother. I am just having a hard time figuring out my goal for this marathon.

I would love any advice from all of you!!! What plans have you used? What are you using right now? How do you decide your goals?

I know I overthink everything, but I am a numbers girl!!

My marathon history is:

1st marathon- June 2005- 5:11
2nd Marathon- May 2006- 4:36
3rd Marathon- June 2006- 4:45 (got lost and actually ran 27.2 miles!)
4th Marathon- October 2007- (5 months after having a baby!)- 4:06
5th Marathon- April 2008-4:03
6th Marathon- May 2008-3:48 (Current PR!)
7th Marathon- May 2009- 4:14
8th Marathon- October 2010- 4:18

I was in the best shape for my 2008 and 2010 marathons. I have about 15 lbs to lose to get back to that shape. :-) So, I am trying to decide a realistic goal. My ultimate goal is still a 3:40, but there is probably not enough training time this go around.

Thanks for your help!!


cherl said...

Hey, looks like I'll be in Portland for the 4th of July. Flat Half on Sauvie Island this year!?

You are so mentally tough, Kelly. I have no doubt Newport will be great for you. I would nix the speedwork, maybe just include some faster bursts in your long runs. If I were to guess, I'd say around a 4 hour finish for you at Newport.

cherl said...

Oops. I'm not running the half at Sauvie Island; going for the full. :D