Monday, March 19, 2012

LA Marathon

I ran the LA Marathon yesterday.  I'm  trying to focus on the positives about this race and my effort but I'm having a hard time doing that right now.  Maybe later this week or next weekend I'll be in a better place but today I'm not happy with it.  I know it was the best I could do yesterday.  However, it was my 7th marathon and my 7th disappointing finish that was 4+ hours.  I can't seem to get in under that 4 hour mark and I find that incredibly disappointing. 

One positive about the LA Marathon was their tracking system for the runners.  Both my husband's and my cell phone received five texts over the course of the event.  These were the texts received:
  • HONDA LA Marathon: Cherl - 10K in 0:57:40. Pace: 9:17. Est: 4:03:23. ETA: 11:37:44.
  • HONDA LA Marathon: Cherl - 20K in 1:53:17. Pace: 9:07. Est: 3:59:01. ETA: 11:33:23.
  • HONDA LA Marathon: Cherl - 30K in 2:54:42. Pace: 9:22. Est: 4:05:34. ETA: 11:40:07.
  • HONDA LA Marathon: Cherl - 40K in 3:57:54. Pace: 9:34. Est: 4:10:49. ETA: 11:45:22.
  • HONDA LA Marathon: Cherl - Finish in 4:08:19. Pace: 9:28. At 11:42:44.
It's pretty cool to see my race like this.  My plan was to stay under 9:00 until Mile 20 and then pick it up to finish in under 4 hours.  Obviously, that didn't happen.  Too much jockeying for space for many miles, too many bigger-than-I-was-expecting rolling hills in the first half, some severe calf cramping late in the race... it all adds up to a disappointment for me.  I had plans to sign up for another marathon soon -- either Ojai (Ca) in June or the Foot Traffic Flat in Portland (Or) in July -- but now I'm rethinking marathons.  I don't know that they are really for me.  I love the sense of accomplishment, I'm just tired of the disappointment.  I don't think adjusting my goals is the answer either.  I always have trouble late in the race.  I've got some major blues happening today.

Maybe it's just post-race blues?  Maybe in a week I'll feel better about it and more excited about the next race?  I just don't know.

Do you feel like this after a race?


Marianne said...

Hi, I was searching trying to find an answer to something and haven't had luck, so I stumbled on your blog! I was wondering what the dimensions of the race bibs were for the LA Marathon and more importantly in this case, the distance on center for the pin holes on the upper right and left? I am working on a craft project for someone that ran the race :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Cherl. I have been thinking about you all day. I am sure you want to hear from someone besides me! I am glad you wrote down your feelings about the race. You put so much heart and soul into your training and then it is frustrating when the race doesn't reflect your effort. I have been amazed at your training and how committed you are. I am pretty sure you have P.R.'d at every distance this year. ( including the marathon!) you are a strong runner, both mentally and physically. As I texted to you, I know your time will come to conquer the marathon and it will all be worth it! I loved tracking your race and seeing you finish strong.(bearing your projected time from the 30k). You are an inspiration!