Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Marathon!!

Are you watching the Boston Marathon online this morning!?  It's my favorite day and I'm totally glued to my computer.  I love the online tracking of athletes.  Watching every step of my friends' races this morning is awesome.  Are you watching?  Tracking?  Receiving text updates??  LOVE this race!!


Kelly(M&M) said...

I love today too! I felt bad for them running in the heat, but they are running the race I dream of! We will beverage someday, Cherl! Hopefully at the same one. I had fun tracking my friends that are running it. What an amazing event! So inspiring!

cherl said...

I tracked 8 friends and those who ran well finished, on average, 30 minutes slower than their usual marathon finish times.

One woman ran CIM with us in December with a 3:50 finish. At Boston yesterday, she squeezed in just under 5 hours.

Our "running coach" trained for a 3:35 Boston. Haven't heard yet what happened to him, but there must have been an injury late in the race. Pace was slower all along but then dropped to a crawl in the last 15K. A 6:20 finish for him yesterday. Ouch.

Every year I watch and wish wish wish I were there, but not this year. The conditions were brutal.