Monday, April 02, 2012

March: monthly mileage total?

How was March?  Did you keep track?


cherl said...

131.83 miles

135 is my goal so not bad. :)

Stephanie@Soggy Runner Girl said...

340 miles, highest month ever :)

Kelly(M&M) said...

For being a numbers person, I don't really keep track of this!

Around 135 is my educated guess. :-) Pretty good for me! I have to remind myself that I went from no miles to 35 miles and I am trying to be patient with my progress. This marathon is just to get back in long distance shape.

Cherl- Nice job! Especially with marathon recovery miles in there.

Steph- You are truly Wonder Woman!! You going to be at the Hippie Chick?

Anonymous said...

I am sssoooo much slower than you (my big achievement was breaking the 2-hour mark on the half last year) are amazing, and you are going to crack that 4-hour mark. Honestly, I would give myself at least five more marathons to do it, with tiny PR's in each. You are at a point where each increase is harder to gain than the last, but your times on other races put you so close you can't give up!Have you looked at "Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training" ( They publish "Run Less, Run Faster" which is supposed to be great for runners like you who are so talented but haven't yet reached certain goals. I'm sure that if you stick with the fastest marathons (like CIM), and go out a tiny bit slower, you will reach your goal within a few marathons.

Anonymous said...

OK...that's the better link for Furman (the link in my last comment was for the school, not their running institute).

I'm not in any way associated with Furman--I've just bought their book and it has helped me with my training and pacing. The book is great at helping runners pick precise goal paces based on exact training levels. Their program is designed for 3 runs a week, but I think you can do a fourth in place of cross training. The runs are each more rigorous, so they want you to have rest days in between. I dream of going to their running retreat:)

My marathon pr is 4:27...If I were as close as you are, I would be SO excited...I know you can do it!

cherl said...

I don't know who Anonymous is, but THANK YOU.

cherl said...

Stephanie- Always impressed! How do you find the time to log so many miles?