Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Miles: 5/21 - 5/27

How was your week?  Your Memorial Day weekend?  Did you get some good runs in before the BBQs??


cherl said...

I think my stars are aligning! The dates this week are 5/21-27 and this week I ran 21.27 miles. There's got to be something to that! ;-)

It's been a fantastic week of running for me. Saturday I ran a solid 8 miles for my last long run before the Ojai Marathon (under 65 minutes!) and yesterday I ran a fun 5K with friends. I missed my 5K PR by 12 seconds! I ran a comfortably hard 7:10 pace to start the race until I hit the downhill. I always slow running down hills. Always! My garmin read 8:06 pace on the downhill and then with all the turns in the last 3/4 mile my pace slowed to get me across the finish line in 23:02. I hadn't planned to run hard but when I saw the time clock I pushed as hard as I could to get in under 23 minutes. Heartbreaking!

Kelly(M&M) said...

28.5- not quite a taper, but getting there. :-) I am trying to throw some speedwork in once a week. My 8 mile was a speedy 9:30 pace. :-)

Awesome runs, Cherl!! I think this is your race! Nice job on the 5k. You are awesome! Since you weren't planning on PRing the week before your marathon, I think you did pretty dang awesome!