Monday, June 04, 2012

personal records

Yesterday I ran the Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon.  I ran a 4:06:00.  My personal best for the marathon is 4:05:04 -- yes, I was just under a minute from getting a new PR.  It was heartbreaking to know I was doing the best I could do and still wouldn't get a new PR. 

Last week I ran a local 5K.  I ran a 23:02.  My personal best for the 5K is 22:50 - yes, just 13 seconds off from a new PR.  I hadn't planned to run it hard but when I saw how close I was in that last stretch, I gave it all I had.  Again, heartbreaking to know I was almost there. 

These were probably the closest I've been to not getting a new PR.  What about you?  Let's hear your stories!

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Kelly(M&M) said...

Hey Cherl,

You have had some great races!! I have not had a PR since 2008 so it is about time. :-) Most of my PR's have been huge chunks at a time and then I can't reach them again. My half marathon PR is from Provo Canyon and it was a 1:47 and my goal is a 1:45. I will hopefully beat that this summer!