Thursday, June 27, 2013

the marathon I haven't trained for

Yes, you read the title right.  I'm running a marathon that I haven't trained for.  I ran the Eugene (Oregon - is there another?!) Marathon awhile ago... maybe six weeks?  I signed up for the July 4th Foot Traffic Flat Marathon (Portland, OR) probably six weeks earlier when training was going well and I thought I could simply piggy back onto my Eugene training and run a second good race.  I'm now exactly one week out.  Training has pretty much gone out the window as other things have taken priority.  And I'm scared.  It's going to be a warm day and if I recall correctly, there is very little to absolutely zero shade on this course.  And I don't recall much wind so I can't count on any relief there.  It's going to be a very hot and long 26.2 miles for me.

Anyone else run a marathon with no real training?  Sure, my fitness level is probably fine.  I did a modified recovery after Eugene and have some longer runs under my belt these last few weeks.  But only one was a 20 miler due to time constraints.  When you run a 9:00 pace like me, it takes a pretty good chunk of time to run 20+ miles.  I just couldn't find those blocks.

It was weird to finish my 20 miler and know I was now "tapering"... yet, I hadn't really topped out.  Oh, I'll finish the marathon but it's not going to be a good one.

Of course, I'm already thinking about the next one...


Kelly(M&M) said...

You will be great, Cherl! Just have a nice enjoyable marathon without any time goals. Wish I could be there to cheer you on, but I will be at the Freedomthon 5k. I am still trying to talk you into the Oregon Marathon! :-)
Let us know how it goes!

Stephanie@Soggy Runner Girl said...

I will look for you! I am supporting a bunch of my teammates and actually am registered for the full. I just did not want to bandit. So I will remove my time chip and pace away in both the 1/2 and the full. I also ran Eugene😊

cherl said...

Eugene was perfect! I loved that race.

Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm in a better place every day that the race is closer... I definitely need to think about my (realistic) goals for this one.

cherl said...

I ended up walking through just about every aid station to drink a cup of water and pour the other on my bandana. Seriously too warm for me. I paced with a girl from mile 9 to 22 which was really fun and helpful. I ended up around 4:01 for the finish. I was happy given my lack of training and the heat!