Monday, February 06, 2006

Bull Mountain Run

I guess it is called Bull MOUNTAIN for a reason! I checked out the elevation chart at and it looked just like a little mountain. And it was directly in the middle of the run - very symetrical. I bet you liked that, my nerdy math friend! It was a good run. I wish I knew how much I picked it up at the end. I wouldn't have pushed it if I hadn't been "under the gun" to be home for W getting home from school. I couldn't have cut it any closer! I could not have sustaind that pace. It was the longest I've ever run (a 1/2 marathon being my previous longest) and it makes me wonder if I can really run a full 26.2! I know I can if I keep training, but it is scary to think what it might feel like at the end! Just sitting here at the computer, my legs feel like they need a nap. It is not going to happen today after all - hubby won't be home until late! Oh, and I have a blister on my little toe...whaaaa! Boo hoooo hooooo (I'm such a baby.)

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