Monday, May 01, 2006

Marathon Anxiety Dream #2

(...Sunday afternoon nap...)

I'm at church and suddenly I realize m&m is standing there in the hall crying. She is supposed to be in Utah, not here!

"What is wrong?! Why are you here?" I ask.

Through sobs and tears she says, "My husband says I should only finish the marathon, and not try to do my best!"


A little truth to every dream, you say? Since when was Jeff such a control freak?! Just kidding! :) I think this dream means I'm scared I will just barely finish the marathon. Or something... Of course I'm worried everything won't go exactly as planned. My object in sending these dreams out onto the internet is to release them from my subconcious. Anxieties BE GONE! There... now I won't worry about it any more.

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marathonmommy said...

Hey Suzie,

Your dreams are fun to read about. And almost too real. :-) I drove most of the course today and my favorite part is definitely going to be the canyon at the end. 8 miles of straight downhill- woo hoo! The beginning is gradual enough downhill, with a little gradual uphill that I don't think we will get going too fast, but it should still feel good. THE HILL is definitel a hill, but it kind of reminds me of Elwert, a little less steep though, but a little longer. Does that make sense? Anyway, I am even more excited now! I told Jeff that even if I feel like crap, I know I will LOVE the canyon! Okay, so that is probably too much info for you, but I love knowing the course better. Whew! Only 4 more days. Take care, and do more Yoga!