Saturday, May 06, 2006

Marathon Day is here!

Well, I can't believe it, but it is 5am and we are getting ready to head out for the bus up the canyon. I just thought I would post and remind myself why I am doing this. This has been an awesome journey with Suzie! I want her marathon to be as successful as she wants it to be. We are both wearing pink, of course! For me, I just want to be happy with the results- no matter what they are. I want to listen to my body(especially my heart) and run my best. I want to enjoy the beautiful course and be grateful I can run.

Okay, so if I said I had no time goals, I would be lying. :-) I have worked really hard and I know I am ready for this crazy event. Here are my 3 goals for the world to see:

1. (and most important) finish smiling without the death march that I did last year! Beat 5:11.

2. If I don't feel awesome, run around a 10 minute mile and finish before 4:30.

3. If I feel like a million bucks, I would love to break 4 hours.

So, there you have it. I will report back. Oh yeah, did I mention, I can't wait to run down the canyon?!


cherl said...

You girls are awesome! Looking forward to hearing all about your Ogden marathon experiences! I would say my fingers are crossed for you, Kelly, but I know you did awesome regardless of your time. Rest and reward yourselves!

marathonmommy said...

Thanks Cherl for your support. I wish it could have gone a little differently, but I am happy. :-) So, we both got rid of those PR's, eh? Do you want to come run a 5k in our neck of the woods on May 20th?