Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ready to Run (Again)

Okay, so these past 3 weeks have taught me many things:

1. I NEED my running friends! They are what truly inspire me to get up in the morning. I miss that comradarie and rely on it more than I realized. I have never looked forward to a Monday morning as much as tomorrow- yeah for 6:30am!

2. I am not in good enough shape to go from running 5-6 days a week to 1-2 days a week and still be able to run and feel great doing so.

3. Not getting a PR is not the worst thing in the world. I ran a 5k yesterday in my hometown mountains . It was a little but of a crazy decision considering I hadn't been running and I went to bed at 3am the night before, and I was leaving for the airport 3 hours later, and I had no watch or mp3 player, and no friends to run with. But after running a marathon with ZERO sleep, I now know I can do anything. :-) (Thanks Suzie!) So, anyway, I woke up and did not want to run, which made me get out of bed more, just to prove to myself I could do it. I am so stubborn. :-) The race course was beautiful- around a lake. No loops- woo hoo! I think I started out too fast, but I am not positive since I didn't have a watch. :-) It was very hilly especially compared to the half marathon I ran on 4th of July. I tried to keep my pace up and I only walked once to get some water. I had no idea how fast I was running and when I saw 26:30 as I crossed the finish line I will admit I was disappointed. This is the first time that I have not had a PR in a distance. However, considering the circumstances, I was very happy. The best surprise was looking up my time today and seeing that I was first in my age group!! Yeah, so I guess I didn't do too bad.

4. I have worked to hard to stop running. So, here I am, ready to go again. The 10k is 6 weeks away, and I definitely want a PR. Who is with me?

Can't wait to see all of you!! I hope I can keep up.

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Suzie Petunia said...

I wish I could have run the 5K with you... NOT! OK, I wish I could have brought you your MP3 player and your watch and cheered you on. How about that?

I was just thinking about our sleep-deprived marathon this morning. Did we take a shower after that? Or did we go out to dinner, to IKEA, get your hair cut, visit premie twins in the hospital, and hang out with friends all while very stinky? I'm thinking we were stinky.