Saturday, June 23, 2007

5 miles- woo hoo!

So, I did what used to be my standard 5 miler today. I will admit I was really nervous to do Sunset Hill. I ended up walking most of it because it was more important to me to get the mileage in than be exhausted right from the start. I am bummed I walked it but the rest of the run was great!! I will do this run again next Wednesday and we will see if I can run up Sunset. One baby step at a time...

How was everyone else's runs today?

Here is a pic of Suzie and my little angels. Aren't they sweet? I think they are worth taking a break from running. (I will try to remember that when I get frustrated with my lack of weight loss?!)

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Chelle said...

Your babes do make the whole process worth it. Don't you love seeing the progress you are making as you build up your mileage again? You are training smart and it will pay off.