Monday, July 30, 2007

chafing hurts

Note to self: Liberally apply Bodyglide prior to next run.


Chelle said...

Live and learn, right?

Kids and K9s said...

okay Marathon Mommas... I need your help. We began jogging at Boot Camp today... my legs are strong but my lungs are gasping for breath. It wasn't even a long jog and I thought I was going to hypervenalate... (sp?)

Will this get better?
What can I do to help my lungs tough it out?
We jogged after a hard work out... but I should have been able to breath better...

I want to love jogging... so far, not so much. (o: ~Kim

M&M said...

I have gotten lazy with that. And, I definitely regret it some days. :-) (Especially under my chest!)

Kim- Good for you for doing Boot Camp. I want to read your blogs about it. As far as being out of breath, sometimes slowing down helps. It will get easier each time, but if it doesn't you could have exercise-induced asthma. I was just diagnosed with it last year. Good luck! Keep us posted!

Chelle said...


First of all-- WOO HOO and high fives all around. What an amazing thing you are accomplishing. I am thoroughly impressed with your effort.

As far as the running goes... here is my 2 cents.

Check out this web site

He is a runner who preaches the run/walk method of training. It has helped me get back into running after having each of my kids. It really helps with the lungs burning, side stitches, general pain of training your body to run.

I'm not sure if your drill sargeant will go for it, but when you are on your own... look into it. Start with like a 3 to 1 ratio (run for 3 minute, walk for 1 minute). It's one of those mind tricks where you can think "all i have to do is run for three more minutes and I get a little break" Before you know it, you've covered a bit of distance!

Best of luck and come back here to talk running ANY TIME!

Suzie Petunia said...

I have recently experienced the "joy" of chaffing for the first time in my life! Is it a coincidence that I am still carrying a bit of baby weight? I think not!! Does Body Glide really work? Last Saturday while doing my 13 I started chaffing terribly where my upper/inner arm was rubbing against my tank top. Ouch!

And Kim, don't worry - it gets better! It is very natural for your body to have to work its way up to feeling comfortable (breathing-wise) while running, or doing any cardiovascular activity. (Unless you have asthma!) Even then ... every time you "push yourself" it is going to be uncomfortable. I'd follow Chelle's advice on this one.

Kids and K9s said...

I knew I'd be in good hands when I asked you all for help... thank you! I will for sure get on the tread mill on my own and do the run / walk -- I can't wait to share my progress... thank you for being so kind to give advice... Off and Running, Kim

Kids and K9s said...

oh and the whole chaffing... ugh. Where do you get that Body Glide? ~ Kim

cherl said...

Suzie - Bodyglide does work and it's wonderful! I'm also chafing due to post-pregnancy extra weight. I generally don't chafe unless I'm running something long like 16 or 18 miles. To chafe 3 miles into a run clearly says I've got some extra baggage. Ugh.

Kim - I LOVE the idea of Boot Camp. I've been reading your blog and drooling. I need to find a similar program in my area. My body could really use it. I'm cheering you on, both in your running and weight loss endeavors!

Bodyglide can be found at your local running store.