Monday, July 23, 2007

How I almost died of thirst today:

1. Didn't go out for a run until the temperature reached a scorching 98 degrees.
2. Ran an unfamiliar and very hilly road near the Bountiful temple.
3. Didn't drink any water before leaving... didn't bother taking any with me either. (Duh!)
4. Um, can I mention here the 5,000 foot elevation change from what I'm accustomed to?! I -- CAN'T------ BREATHE!!!---- *gasp, gasp, gasp*
5. Did I already mention the hills? ALL of the hills? ...There were a lot of hills.

Don't ever do this. I'm getting thirsty just writing about this... Lucky for me - we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming with the kids. Hooray for WATER! Don't ever leave home without it (in Utah during July).

Don't miss Cherl's great post below!


cherl said...

Sounds tough, Suzie! Is the Provo 1/2 also hilly? Your training has been going really well so it'll probably just be a matter of acclimating for you, won't it?

Suzie Petunia said...

Down hill all the way, baby! (That is why it is my favorite race!)

M&M said...

You are a trooper! I am proud of you for running in the heat. I KNOW I would love the Provo 1/2. :-(