Saturday, July 14, 2007

Running the Wildwood Trail

Today's long run adventure started at the Hoyt Arboratum (spelling, anyone??). M&M wasn't able to join us, but I went with 2 other Marathon Mommies - they are also both relatively new mommies (babies are 4 months and 7 months old) and sisters in law with each other. I love these ladies. Unfortunately they are a bit faster than me right now. We were hoping to find the Portland Marathon running group, but due to lack of sufficient info we never met up with them! So we ran the trail down to the Rose Gardens (beautiful!) and then back up to where we started, because we initially did not realize the bulk of the trail was in the opposite direction. We ran the other way for about 5 miles, then turned around and ran back. The trail is absolutely gorgeous - lush greenery all around, small trickling streams, bugs getting stuck between your teeth... There are a lot of hills... a LOT of hills, I tell you! And some of them are very steep. I soon found that I wouldn't be able to run the entire way. I let myself walk on the especially grueling uphills. I became quite proficient at sprinting on the downhills trying to catch up with my running buddies (unsuccessfully!) I only fell once! I met up with one of my buddies back where we started and discovered we had lost our third buddy along the way! We went searching for her and ended up running more than 2 more miles! I ended up running almost 13 before we were done. Everyone was found safe and sound and we called it a day. The trails are great to run - especially on days like today that are especially hot. The run is 100% shaded! I would love to go back again soon. Anyone want to join us?

While I was running I was thinking about the last post: What do you think about while running? I had brought both my iPod and my little FM radio, but I found that I didn't want to listen to either of them. The music and news on the radio seemed to diminish the peaceful experience of running in the woods. It seemed almost like a sacred place, and my running music and news about suicide bombings on the radio detracted from the pleasant spirit of the place. So what did I think about? Mostly, "I hope I can make it to the top of this hill!"

M&M, I hope you are feeling better and that you have a safe trip! We really missed you...


cherl said...

Impressive! I love Wildwood, but it's tough and to run 13 TRAIL miles?? The last time I ran that trail it kicked my butt. We started at the ZOO and ran up to the Pittock Mansion and back. Tough, tough, tough.

Great job, Suzie!

Chelle said...

Trail running with hills? I am thoroughly impressed.

Also, I remembered the name of the half mary I did in Oregon when we lived there. Champoeg (spelling?) State Park. Ring a bell? It was a lot of fun.

Now it is time to disclose that I ran a total of ONE time for a grand total of maybe two miles. It was lovely, it was on the beach. I just found myself enjoying being still and not pushing myself.

The greatest thing is this NEED I feel to start running again this week. A break is nice because I realize that I miss running.

Suzie Petunia said...

Champoeg is very close to where we live. I haven't done that fun, though.

M&M said...

I am sorry I missed it, but I am sure I would have done a LOT of walking. You girls amaze me! I missed you this weekend, but I am feeling better. I hope this week goes well for my running.

Chelle- Welcome back! Running on the beach sounds amazing. I have actually run that half marathon at Champoeg. I like their 10k course better, and I actually ran a 20k there. (It is the 10k course 3 times and I actually loved it. :-))