Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Country Road, Take Me Home

I need to share the running experience I had over the weekend. I know this is kinda rude to post, because Suzie just ran 12 miles on a dreaded treadmill (ha ha), but I ran a 12 miler on Sunday morning while we were in Lava Hot Springs that was magnificent.

I started the run with my brother, but he just went for 5 and sent me on my way. (He rode 80 miles on his bike the morning before-- He's a little kooky like that). So off I went on the most beautiful, quiet country road. The picture above is not the exact road I was on, but something similar. I saw a total of 3 cars for the entire 2 hours that I was on this run. It was an amazingly peaceful, centering experience.

Do you have running experiences that are spiritual? It was all I could do to not cry on this run. So I did. I was overwhelmed with the beauty, the rhythm of my feet, the sound of my breath and the feel of my heart beating. I felt a connection with God, nature, my body in a way that was extraordinary. I needed that time on the country road. I came home from this run and tried to tell my husband about it. All I could say is that I wished I could bottle up what I felt inside and pour it into his heart to share it.

I tend to get really thinky-thinky and analytical/borderline philosophical when it comes to spiritual matters. I have concluded that a loving Heavenly Father has infinite patience for me and the way that I work through matters of faith. After all, He did create me. And I am infinitely grateful that in spite of all of the ways that I get wrapped around the axel in my spiritual life, I have these amazing moments. Where I look at the sky, the sun, the mountains and FEEL His love so profoundly. That is what matters most to me. And it's enough.

Running is not like this every time that I go. But it's because of runs like this, that I lace up my shoes and head out the door, day after day.


cherl said...

Chelle, your run sounds amazing! What a beautiful route to run 12 miles. Was this Idaho? If we could afford it, we'd have a house in Montana or parts of Idaho. The country is breathtaking over there!

I, too, have runs that border on spiritual. They always seems to occur during similar runs where I'm all alone, the route is spectacular, and I cannot help but be thankful for all that is.

I don't get emotional during too many of my runs, but nearing the finish line at longer races like the marathon or even a half marathon leave me choked up. I'm so thankful to be able to run and to run as far as I sometimes do.

Don't you wish you could bottle up all the feelings you experienced during your run and save them for a rainy day?

Congratulations on a great run!! You sound very ready for your half this weekend!

M&M said...

I love runs like this! We have some pretty cool country back roads that we occasionally run on. I am also very analytical when it comes to spiritual matters, and I still feel like I have so much to learn when it comes to faith. I remember staying up late at night with my very patient father asking every question I could think of. I loved that he was willing to say, "I don't know." You have reminded me that I do need to turn off my music more and not be afraid of my own thoughts.

Abi said...

Wow. This touched my soul Chell. I loved reading it and loved the road in lava as well. I cried too, but for different reasons :)!

Casee said...

That was beautiful. I am not a mommy, but I am marathoner and I have had many experiences like that. Finishing my first marathon was that way, I saw my family at the end cheering for me, I was exhausted and felt like I couldn't take another step and I felt like I was being carried, like someone was helping me get through this long journey. I couldn't help but cry, thinking of my Heavenly Father looking down on me and all of the beauty around me. That is why I run, that is why I love it.

Suzie Petunia said...

What a beautiful post! That is what this blog is all about! Thank you for reminding me of the times I have felt the same. On the 4th of July we ran a beautiful route that overlooked the city and countryside where we live. I had a few moments to stop and just take it all in. Because it was the 4th I was thinking about how lucky and grateful I am for the place where I live - an overwhelming feeling of peace and gratitude overcame me. I love it when running turns into more than JUST exercise.

Chelle said...

Hi Casee and anyone else who finds their way here. Please chime in any time! The more the merrier, always!