Monday, August 06, 2007

The Dreadmill

So running 12 miles on a treadmill is a little too much for my taste, but a good, fast 5 while watching a movie isn't bad! That is what I just did, and I actually enjoyed it. I had a brainstorm in the middle of my workout. M&M, we need to do our speedwork on treadmills at the Y! THIS is where I get my speed without getting injured! I just kept cranking the speed up and up until I ran my fastest mile to date (since the baby). Besides, I really do need to start using what I'm paying for (YMCA membership).

Why is it that people that own treadmills never use them? Is there an inherent non-exercising-curse that goes along with treadmill ownership? I could be totally wrong on this one, but... My parents (where I am currently staying) have one and I have yet to see one of them use it since I arrived 2 weeks ago. Two of my sisters own one and neither use theirs. The only person I know who owns one and uses it is Sticky Niki. Do any of you Marathon Mommies own a treadmill? Do you ever use it? If I were to ever get one for my house would I immediately give up running because treadmill ownership = lack of exercise curse?! Just wondering...

So, Chelle - are you ready for Saturday?! I'm getting excited! We drove down Provo Canyon today and it made me want to jump out of the car and run. It is so beautiful, and so beautifully downhill! In the last few years they have changed the course so there is a mile out-and-back in front of Bridal Veil Falls, which means there is one mile that is uphill. I had forgotten about that until I received a reminder email today from the race organizer. (Is english that person's first language? Sometimes he is really difficult to follow! Is that just me?) Anyhoo... when are we going to get together this week? What are you doing on Thursday? One idea that I'm knocking around is taking my kids to ride the chairlift at Sundance this week. That is kind of a big outing, but if you wanted to go, too, it would be fun to have you along. Or we could just play at a park if time is an issue.

I hope everyone is having a good running week!


M&M said...

Speedwork? What is speedwork? You know I am completely impressed by your 12 miles on the dreadmill. I definitely think there is a reason that people joke about a treadmill being a good towel hanger. I bet you would use a treadmill if you had one. You could beat the stereotype! Have fun meeting up with Chelle, I am still jealous. Hey, Cherl, wanna run 13 together on Saturday?

Chelle said...

I have so much to add to this post! First of all.... amen and amen on the dreadmill. When I read that you ran 12 miles on it, Suzie, I really had to take a minute to process how much I would hate that! : 0 In fact, I plain wouldn't do it. You have my admiration for pumping out 12 miles on a treadmill.

I don't know what it is about a treadmill that makes one mile feel like 5 to me. I guess you can conclude from this tirade that I am not a treadmill owner.

Suzie, I am laughing about the e-mail from the race director for the Provo 1/2. My brother and I decided they've got to be sending them out like that to be funny. typos and bad grammar and spelling. Seriously. They are even more rambling than some of my comments. ha ha.

Suzie I'll call you this afternoon and we can figure out something for Thursday. Depending on when you read this, you may have already talked to me! I have to fix lunch for hungry children first! : )

cherl said...

First, woo hoo for getting in those 12 miles on a treadmill! I know I couldn't do it. My max. is 5 miles and even that is difficult to do.

We don't have a treadmill, but we want one! Our house is old (1929, hardwood floors...) and just isn't conducive to a treadmill. There isn't enough head room in the basement and, really, I wouldn't want to run in the basement. In our next house, we are having a treadmill. I would only use it for shorter runs (and speedwork!), but with two little ones in the house, it would offer me more opportunities to get some runs in.

cherl said...

m&m - 13 miles?!? You've got to be kidding. Last night's run was my longest. I wanted to run for a full hour, so I did and got in 6.4 miles. It felt great to finish with a respectable pace!

My runs are currently alternating between faster and longer. Last night I wanted to do both my longest run and my fastest run. I'm really easing back into this running thing and taking my time. I suspect I won't be running 13 until the October half marathon I have my eye on.

My favorite part of speedwork or fartleks is the "easy pace" you find yourself in after a fast period. Mine are always faster than I'd otherwise run. Last night I was doing them and each time my "easy" sessions were faster. They started at around 10mm and ended around 8:20mm. I love how easy running is after a speed session!!